Addressing a Global Problem

Georgi Ivanov in NationalNational Security July 22, 2011

From WikiLeaks to the Chinese attacks on U.S. government information infrastructures, cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent and threatening every day. The most lucrative target of these attacks remains America, but the rest of the international community is not immune to hacking either: policymicIt is only a matter of time before we see a coordinated hacking attempt at Germany, France, or Britain.

The defense establishment in Washington has every right to concern itself with IT protection, but a better solution will incorporate U.S. security efforts in a supranational framework to minimize the impact of hacking attacks that have the potential to bring entire states to their knees.

What would such a supranational regime look like? At first, it will be a very formative regulatory design, based out of the existing precedents on hacking attacks: WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and attacks from China. The first steps are to produce a graded scale on the intensity of the attack and make it a criminal offense against the sovereignty of a state: Both state and non-state actors should be potentially responsible. If such an organization ever emerges, it is essential to open it to worldwide membership. The reliance on information technology is only going to intensify over the course of the century, and international cooperation would strengthen our network of defense.

The next step is to harmonize state laws to have common criteria on the definition of the crimes and the corresponding punishments. The administration of justice can be overseen by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and courts on the national level may enforce the harmonized laws under its sanction.

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gatoMalo MeWo –

I disagree with you on so many levels.

MeOw mEwO1st. – Global cooperation, self interested corporations and governments are the reason for the real cyber-espionage crimes that steals technology, information and financial data. It was The SUN who hacked dead people phones and made tons of money $$$. The SUN even had top UK Police and Interpol officials corrupted. You want the legal crooks guarding the outcome of the bad crooks. It’s a conflict of intrest for the legal good guys.

2nd. – If your going after hacktivist they deface websites, cause cyber mayhem but if you look at their release of email and passwords and other data they released. Do you know how much money they could of made $$$ ( follow the money ), but the fact is they didn’t ( ZERO 0 $$$ ). The analysis of the cyber attack data shows us “hay your security is weak – fix it or else…” it also means “…people like The SUN (the real legal international corporation hackers (made BIG $$$ )” –may hack you ask Hugh Grant the actor ( News Corp empire of media mogul Rupert Murdoch-phone-hacking scandal in the UK hacked Mr. Hugh Grants Phone )

CyberSpace belong to all of US -not the powerful and influential. – CyberSpace -BELONG TO ALL OF US – FREEDOM

I disagree with you, but a good piece it made me stop and think. Good Job Georgi and thanks. Think outside the box more than once -hackers do, knowledge is power. Hacker Moto:-be hidden, be silent, listen and don’t get DOX. 




Cuddly British actor Hugh Grant, who’s been the leading celebrity critic of the British tabloid hounds who have long tormented him, must be feeling vindicated.

The metastasizing phone-hacking scandal in the UK, which he helped call attention to, has shaken the government and the News Corp empire of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and launched a spreading examination of the too-cozy relationship between the British press, politicians and police.




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