Should we have Boundaries in Cyber Space?

Should we have Boundaries in Cyber Space?

“When you fight your enemy on the battlefield, you cannot be dogmatic,” said a Chinese government economist in Beijing”

There are dangers in cyber space but should we stop using the Internet and put up boundaries? I think not. The Internet was design to allow people to communicate freely it has now reached a critical mass that everyone in the world wants to use it. The Arab Spring shows how great a tool cyberspace is but now Governments also know that the simple Internet can be used to rid itself of tyranny and unjust government. This is the real reason why today we hear about boundaries and Governments telling us they are going to protect us from having our electricity shut off. If they scare us we will forfeit our freedoms. 

We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx

Our great computers fill the hallowed halls

We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx

All the gifts of life are held within our walls

With all the hacking news we hear about in the last few day you think that cyberspace is a war zone and it may be. Hacking groups or Nations everyone is in an uproar. The one good thing about all this is that Cyber Security is becoming something to think about. I have worked for companies that security was an after though not a priority like it should be. When you have your customer’s information it’s your responsibility to protect that information. There are a few different types of hacks (attacks) that go on.

1. Hacktivist

2. Hackers

3. Criminals

4. Nation States – Military

These type of hackers have different agendas and so each has a different attack vector. As far as offensive attacks Hacktivist and Nation States are similar as if they want your site to go down so you cannot use it. This can be done with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Here you flood the site with simple request but you send millions and millions of request. Most web servers can only handle so many request and the server just stops working.

From a Hacktivist point of view this is to show the company that they can be cripple. Shutting down their revenue stream (the Internet) means less money to be made. You got to follow the money most of the time to see the cause of the attack.

As to Military the simple DDoS attack means you can knock out their CC (Command and Control) center and not allow that Nation to communicate information to their troops.

Their are ways to fight this but it get’s expensive so not everyone can use these defenses.

The simple Hacker he/she is doing it to test their tech savvy. They want to test their skills against that website. Can they do any harm of course but usually they do it for the pure joy of outthinking their opponents.

Last but not least are the criminal hackers. These people will stop at nothing to get your personal information like credit cards or bank accounts so they can steal as much money as they can get.

So now you know the basics perils of cyberspace should you fear it and let government control it for the sake of security of our nation. Today we use the Internet differently then when it was created with social media and instant communication of text, music, and financial and personal information at our fingertips anywhere and anytime. Do we as net-citizens allow our cyber freedoms to be cut of like fingers so we slowly loose our grip on a technology that is making us smarter and more informed. Some would have it so lets hope not, let Cyberspace remain free we can solve the problems together as a Cyber World.

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