Cyber Chatter Pre-9/11 Terror Threat.

Mr. Cofer Black CIA- keynote speaker at Black Hat 2011 ties in the (Land- Sea- Air- Space- Cyber-) with (Chemical- Bacteriological- Radiation- Nuclear- Cyber-) in a world that has morphed into physical destruction of national resources via cyberspace. He also warns that the decision makers. “They didn’t understand it”.

While this is going on we find out that (Mr. Beresford) Stuxnet: “Hard-Coded Password and Other Security Holes Found in Siemens Control Systems” the program that killed Iran’s Nuclear program for a few years is because the Siemens Controls PCL have no security to speak of.

This is the same equipment that Lockheed (the got the Smart Grid Security Contract last week) would use to turn a transformer Off –or- On from their cyber control center.

We as Net-Citizens need to understand the transformation that technology is making on our physical infrastructure. These industrial control systems will become our building block to automate and generate real time reports from isolated geo-located equipment like pumping stations in the remote Alaskan pipeline. With a satellite and a computer connected to cyberspace a company can turn the pump On-Off real-time. This saves millions of man hours sending a crew to check on a pump. These PCL devices can be installed in hazardous inviroments like Nuclear plants and undersea pumps on and oil rig.

We need to make sure that proper cyber security is applied to these devices when the government installs these devices in public projects. Just a simple water treatment plant in a small town can be hacked and the town will get sick because they did not know were to get the proper security baseline needed to protect this infrastructure assest.


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