Politico’s Playing The Fiddle While Cyber America Burns Down

China Prepares for Cyber Warfare- The Ministry of National Defense (MND) looks like the main leaders of China’s cyber warfare C&C. “The Executive Yuan has made tremendous efforts in beefing up government units’ ability to counter cyber-attacks,” said Wang Te-pen (???), a major general at the MND’s Communications and Information Security Department told at a regular briefing yesterday in Taipei.” Under the supervision of the Executive Yuan, Wang said the MND also fortified its anti-online infiltration capacity.

Of course this tough guy attitude from China comes after McAfee opened the “Shady Rat Attack” report. As they say everyone was attacked except China. I know their needs to be a MAC address and a TCP/IP and geo-location but as I track China for my Timeline it’s clear the Chinese did it. As I wrote previously we knew China was doing this 4 years ago and now it becomes real why now. We could have prevented trillion of dollars in Intellectual property alone if we would have done something 4 years ago. Would of, Should off, Could off and the list goes on as our cyber national security goes down in flames because our representatives don’t have to courage to lead and stop following.

From the Chinese point of view they saw our political infighting and with all the T-Bills they have and a -273% trade deficit with America. Why wouldn’t China be bold right now and take what they want. Our leaders are stuck in this infighting it’s like “Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned down”. We have the power Net-Citizens to change all this. Get the twitter accounts and Facebook connections out and VOTE. Let’s become leaders of the free world again. Let’s make the hard choice because cyberspace is here to stay we can’t let the threats outweigh the freedoms.

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