Online Personal Information For Sale

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. Think again. The government wants to know everything about you.  Corporations want to know everything about you. There are corporate private investigators doing forensic background checks on you in cyberspace. Every time you go online you leave digital breadcrumbs everywhere you go and someone is collecting that information and selling it.


Dealing in data is the biggest scandal that nobody wants to talk about. It’s big money for the powers that be. Heather Brookes the person in the middle of the cyber storm of phone hacking at News Corp explains, “I witnessed the document with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of every voter in Britain go on sale”.


As governments try to make the Internet safer they are collecting more and more data about you. As companies try to see your viewing and buying patterns online they get a clearer picture of how they can make more money from you and if they can’t find a way to sell you more things with the information they have, they will sell your information to the highest bidder.


Next time you change your Facebook status someone is collecting that information. Every word you type, every picture you post they collect that. Every time you click on a link more and more cyber information about you is profiled and stored forever. And if the information is interpreted wrong well that’s your problem you may even go to jail for it. Look at the tragic case of Casey Anthony on trail for the murder of her daughter. Prosecutors told the jury that she had searched Google for “Chloroform” 84 times. Even after the analyst who did the investigation called the police in charge of the investigation and the DA. He told them his program was wrong and it was only 1 time that the search for “Chloroform” was made, the prosecution still told the jury in a life and death case that it was 84 times.


As cyberspace evolves more information in the name of protecting the Internet will fall into the wrong lines. I don’t mean bad guys but corporations and governments there the ones that want to monitor you. Just like the San Francisco BART police turning of cell phone services before there was even an act of a riot, and there was no riot. The local train police, not the FBI or the CIA or the president but the subway police took the freedom of speech away from people because of what some protesters were planning. This is just like the movie “Minority Report” was you would go to jail because of what you though in your mind.


This is a new era for people in cyberspace and we must be clear about what we are giving away and must not let corporations take our information and misuse it. Look at News Corp they hacked dead people phone to make money and not one person in power got anything but a pay raise. They corrupted police and Scotland Yard and they got away with this. If it’s the average person like you and me we would of gone to jail but since these companies have politicians in their pockets nothing happens. Be careful my friends and remember If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. RIGHT

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