Huawei Timeline -China’s Secret Cyber Backdoor To The Internet – Cyberspace

DHS Claims Foreign Suppliers Have Embedded Malware in U.S. Electronics
I’ll take the .gov claims and say there protecting our electronic-financial base if they open up pandora’s box. Were in bed with the Chinese right now in this political-financial climate they own us. All we can do is defense for now. My understanding of it is, it’s in our routers and switches who own that space. Cisco, Juniper, Riverbed have you seen there stock -?down?.

Your iPhone or 3G-equipped iPad has been secretly recording your location. Did the Chinese Government know this before we did? How many Government officials (gov contractors) carry and I-phone, I-pad – (and plug it in just for a second to check mail)? Blackberry has some of the same bugs(features). Trust but verify on some things it’s impossible. Just to reverse engineer a basic IC is almost impossible and by the time you do it there are 4 new one out there that have caused the harm already. Made in America and not just -us-born citizens companies they could be bought just as easily.

In the space program once an IC- (any component) is flight certified that’s it. You can’t use any replacement part they must be FC. It does slow up bringing new things to the market but for our national infrastructure this may be the only way..

This paper, “Information Troops: A Russian Cyber Command” is the best  research yet on Russia’s cyber efforts.

US – China Economic and Security Review Commission

Huawei is a telecommunications big business in direct competition with Cisco. While I have no proof almost every thing I heard and saw lead me to believe Cisco is playing hardball, and they’re doing a darned good job. Every opportunity for Huawei is met with a face slap, from either the Department of Commerce or Senator Kyl, “allegedly” being the keyword, none is direct and none of it is for attribution. All the evidence for and against Huawei is anecdotal at best. That is how big business really works, especially if you’re talking hundreds of millions if not billions in lost revenue at stake.
The PLA connection is not there. The founder, Ren, retired from the PLA in 1984 and was a civil engineer and definitely not a General. Because Huawei is a private company, a a matter of fact, they are barred from a few different PLA and PRC contracts.
Richard Stiennon sent me a great link about a suit between Cisco and Huawei (Cisco claimed Huawei reverse engineered a Cisco Router and stole the design) but if one reads the article to the end there was some sort of a settlement between the two and it was dropped. Again this is anecdotal, there just was no proof, especially when a third party became involved.
I could and will go on but my gut is telling me Huawei is not the evil corporation some make them out to be…

• People this got me thinking about the Cisco-Huawei. I’m a timeline picture kind of guy I put this together to make some sense of who is the good -vs -bad. It’s all about the money and I do see a political angle that I plan to look into- Campaign Contributions. This looks to good to be true – I love a good conspiracy theory and a real one to boot, count me in.

US-China trade -273% they own our Tbills and they make all the cheap junk for our middle class (Wal-Mart). Now they’re using our own money to invest in Facebook and go in to Texas. 12 different Chinese Corporation have started business in Texas in the last 3 years.
They hack everything in sight and steal our secrets and IP. That’s why were not spanking the Chinese for all the hacks and maybe putting in back-door.
…..does the actor who is doing it really care? Answer – No

Huawei Timeline
?.  2003 Cisco stops suit against …
Jan 2003 – The Cisco/Huawei battle dates back to January 2003, when Cisco filed a suit against the Chinese equipment provider for violations of intellectual property ( IP) rights.

?. 2003 Defend Our Freedoms From the Absense of Privacy: Hu Jintao … …
May 2003 – In May 2003, faced with a ban on doing business in the United States because of vast intellectual property theft from Cisco, Huawei voluntarily withdrew from the US market.[64] 3Com would have been well aware of highly publicized charges against its new Chinese partner because Huawei was being sued at the time for stealing corporate secrets.[65] However, 3Com formed H3C, a Chinese joint venture with Huawei, paying $160 million to Huawei to capitalize the joint …

?. 2004 Huawei
Jul 2004 – In July 2004 Cisco, Huawei and 3Com filed a stipulation and order of dismissal with prejudice in the lawsuit filed by Cisco against Huawei in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, which means that Cisco can’t bring another lawsuit against Huawei asserting the same or substantially similar claims.

?. 2005 supply channel box, channel box …
Sep 2005 – Channel-Global, Inc. Is fresh lastly startup company and launched our business in Sep. 2005 and is an independent wholesales dealer for computer network hardware, for example, Cisco, Huawei, EMC,… Main Markets:North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern…

?. 2006 Intellectual Property Right Abuses in the Patent Licensing of Technology … …
Sep 30, 2006 – As of 30 September 2006, Huawei had 56333 employees, of whom 48% are dedicated to research and development (R&D). 7 Each year, the firm allocates no less than 10% of its annual sales to R&D. Huawei accused Cisco of trying to keep a competitor out of the market, and that this was the real purpose of the lawsuit.

?. 2007 Cisco inks strategic alliance with India’s …
Oct 2007 – Cisco has 18 strategic partners globally, including IBM, Accenture, Nokia, Intel and Microsoft. In October 2007, Cisco sealed an alliance with Wipro Ltd., its only other Indian strategic partner. Naveen Gupta, a director of strategic alliances at Cisco’s Bangalore office, said the partnership would help Cisco penetrate the Indian market and better compete with China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Cisco’s chief competitor in telecommunications networks.

?. 2008 Chinese telecom giant calls off US – It has struggled to gain a foothold in the United States against rivals such as Cisco Systems Inc..In 2008, Huawei and an American partner, Bain Capital, withdrew a request for US …

?. 2009 Huawei and Starent win 4G deal for
Oct 2009 – Huawei has secured the six-year deal together with Starent, which agreed to merge with Cisco Systems

?. 2011 Opnext Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year Unaudited Operating … …
Mar 31, 2011 –



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