Types of Network Attacks

A friend ask “what are common types of network attacks”. Since hacking website is common now a day I made this little diagram of “Network Hacks”.  I’m sure I left something out but it’s a starting point.




Cyber Attacks: Common Types of Network Attacks


URL Encoding and Canonicalization – Packet Tapping – MINE Header Parsing- Network Enumeration – Spoofing Attack- Transition Between Privilege Levels- Application-Layer Attack -Rights Verification – Sniffer Attack- Smurf Attack- Packet Drop Attack- Compromised-Key Attack- Man-in-the-Middle Attack- Replay Attack – WinMX Attack – KeyLogger- Denial-of-Service Attack – Reflection DOS- Smurf Attack- Mangle – Invalid Packet Attack- ICMP Attack- DDos- P2P Attacks- SYN ACK Attack- SYN Flood- TCP Attack- UDP Attack- Mass Email Worm -botnet- Buffer Overflow- VioP SIP Cancel Attack – packet modification – Password-Based Attacks –  Identity Spoofing (IP Address Spoofing) – Data Modification – Rouge DHCP server – Eavesdropping  – Social Engineering Attack – Virus – Worm – Trojan – RootKit – DNS Spoofing – – DNS Cache Poisoning – ARP Spoofing  – Port Scanner – MAC Flooding – ARP



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