Cyber China Spy Threat | Cyber Espionage and Influence

China’s growing spy threat is a great article. It points to everything I have said before.

The top priority of Chinese

•            Industrial espionage aimed at defense industry and high tech sectors

•            Infiltration of critical infrastructure and military targets

•            Nexus of organized cybercrime and terrorist fundraising

•            Monitoring and Disrupting Dissidents

We need to understand the Chinese government mindset to understand them, paranoia, saving face and economic these are the 3 pillars of the new communism in China. Let’s start with paranoia. One of China’s prime paranoia, lack of trust of anything not created in China it must have back doors. Look at all the discussion on the Chinese company Huawei, installing back doors in our telecom infrastructure. We did it to them and nowel gatoMalo they’re paying us back. The Chinese know they are putting backdoors in our electronics because they can, they own our manufacturing. China worked very hard in creating kylin (Unix). They have to use Microsoft because some applications only run on it but it’s too easy to hack and “made in America” didn’t make them happy. This is why Google left; they refuse to give the Chinese the keys to the code.

On the same paranoia crazy train.  One of the top priorities of Chinese espionage efforts—foreign and domestic—is monitoring and disrupting dissidents, according to defectors, experts, and official documents.

Anyone who talks bad about China will pay the price, monitoring, I’m currently on there radar (popular posts, referrers and keywords stats on my blogs & sudden twitter followers, say so much) and so is everyone who write about China especially cyber security.

Let’s talk economics. China has been looked at as a source of cheap labor only, they don’t want our breadcrumbs, they want to become leaders not followers and I can’t blame them. As a nation I want to be seen as a leader in Technology, in Finance not the errand boy of the west. (Saving face). The facts are that the last 10 years China has been using it’s money wisely investing in companies around the world (influence), while America has been bombing people all over the world. They create new alliances we destroy our alliance with drone planes. And to top it off they are going after our political elite. According to experts, China uses bribes, blackmail, women, lavish vacations in China, and other means to compromise officials worldwide. I just wrote about this about our current presidential front runner Rick Perry in bed with the Chinese companies – Huawei just opened it’s door in Texas and so did 12 other Chinese corporations, what do you think there doing in the U.S.(

Sorry I just had to put down these words after reading the article.


Time to get down of the soapbox.


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