Advise Japanese Government Cyber-Warfare Mutual Defense Treaty

A friend sent me this email: I hope this will make you think- your suggestion are welcome.

From your perspective, what should I advise Japanese government to do in order to establish the cyber-warfare mutual defense treaty between the US and Japan? What specifically should Japanese government and Japanese defense contractors be required to protect themselves as well as US military bases in Japan? I could tell Japanese politicians to do something. Please help me guide some influential Japanese politicians to listen to our advice if you have any suggestion. Thank you very much.


Cyber warfare will not be dogmatic, it will change in micro-seconds. This is the basic problem with governments that run at the pace of turtle but expect the results of a fox. This is a disappointment in the making. Just look at the interdependencies in our culture in cyberspace. New technology are bringing instant solutions, but that is not going to happened without hard work between governments with mutual friends and enemies. International laws are just beginning to catch up with cyberspace, and were talking about treaties between countries. Even friends disagree.

On the other side of the spectrum, who has the most to gain from the mitsubishi hack, it’s competitors maybe, the new link to a “Chinese Hack” (in my opinion —it’s too good of a hack – it was a planted bread-crum to mis-direct us(new post coming up for my blog- China may not be guilty -cyber_Russia?)) — with the current political posture here in the US -bring back American jobs, is Japan becoming the fall guy for the politics of today’s Job, jobs, jobs back in America.

This is my view point. When someone is in your network, without your permission your at war – when someone steal your identity your at war, when someone steals you intellectual property and secrets your at war. Cyberspace is the 5th battlefield and we must have a military mindset to be effective in cyber warfare, not a business mindset.

President Obama said “we are being empowered with information technologies to help make their governments more open and responsive.” this has got to be Japans number one goal (no offense) it makes sense for all of us to be on the same page. Japan has been know to be technology leaders and the work ethics of a nation have made it so. It just needs a little change. The only constructive criticizing I can give is “Japan needs to think outside the box” more. In the new cyber-world inside the box gives you standards but not much protection, hackers laugh at standards and certifications. This is true of most governments, some leaders do not even have a computer so how can they understand how IA-Information Assurance technologies can change a company with business relations to other country. Politics = Business = Money = Power

I just posted on my blog – Are Cyber Security and IT Security the same? it deals in a way with some of your questions about government and contractors.  you ask “should Japanese defense contractors be required to protect themselves as well as US military bases in Japan?”. This is a complex problem and I’m fighting with these same questions, but if your going to do a job, do it right, it’s warfare in the new construct of cyberspace everything is an option you have to open your mind and think outside the construct. In the pass I saw corporation would spend the minimum for security, just what was necessary but if governments do the same were in for some crazy times. You got to treat the security people with respect, training, conferences. Your security team are the new superstars pay them and listen to them but the business leaders must be up front and take the lead.

Hiro I hope this makes some sense, my mind goes in different direction at the same time. I visited Tokyo about 15 years ago while working at Adobe and my bosses didn’t want me to go on this trip. Why? Because I was born in Cuba, I kind of speak my mind the truth and my bosses though that I would offend our Japanese business at Adobe-Japan. Is it better to be feared or respected in business and in governance, fear and respect go hand in hand in cyberspace. We can’t keep sending our brightest hackers to jail, we need these people they know more about cyberspace than most trained, certified professional -too much in the box thinking again. We got to learn from everyone or else we loose.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone by my frankness and honesty. There is more than meets the eye on the recent hack in Japan, more was exposed, more was stolen. Maybe one day we will learn more. I know that America needs Japan and like wise. We have been friends and share the same enemies, I won’t go and quote a chinese general “Sun Tzu” on this but it’s to our mutual benefit to work together and more closer than before. Cyber-warfare has just began, it’s second nature to our children and they will grow with the technology as never before linked forever. It’s a new cyber world out there I hope to learn more and more from it every day.


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