Cyber Hacks for the New Year

Search Poisoning is a big problem because all you need is fresh content and link backs and any site can do it. Add META files and your keyword reach increases. Everyone knows this and script kiddies have bot that scan wordpress, Drupal, joomla, and other popular sites and add comments to get the back links. If you don’t set it up right it’s a spammers heaven. Now for the last one.

How many times have you seen a Twitter link, or on any site with a “short url”. Before you click on that short link you may want to send it to ” “. Spammers and such love to post new’s links and sensational news like “earthquake pictures” when there’s an earthquake somewhere. Tag your it, when you click on that short link, your it!


  • Search Poisoning – Attackers will increasingly use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to optimize malicious links among search results, so that users are more likely to click on a URL because it ranks highly on Google or other search engines.
  • Mobile Web-based Attacks – Expect increased attacks aimed specifically against mobile Web browsers as the tension between usability and security, along with device constraints (including small screen size), make it difficult to solve mobile Web browser security flaws.
  • Stolen Cyber Data Use for Marketing – The market for stolen cyber data will continue to evolve as botnets capture private user information shared by social media platforms and sell it directly to legitimate business channels such as lead-generation and marketing.

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