Anonymous Is Interested In PLC’s & SCADA?

From Infosce Island this great article came up this is gAtOmAlO’s 2 cents on it.

Anonymous has shown that it’s MO is just trash and dump to brag & “the lulz”, nothing more nothing less. That anyone can attack a SCADA and say it’s Anon I just don’t think it would work. As their arrest have shown these are mostly kiddies except for the leaders Sabu (later covered). Yes an attack on SCADA can be tried by any bad Nation actor but if caught it would set a precedence for what kind of attacks are OK for any Nation to try. The United States weighed launching a cyber-attack to disrupt Libyan air defenses before the start of an air campaign but they stopped because it would set a level of expectation in any forward coming battle.

Anon -or- Occupy Wall Street - gAtO -sMiLe

As to skills from the Anon’s YES they can. These kiddies are focused and they have no lives except online. Just like if you give a kid a guitar they will play it while in the toilet until they get that riff or note. Now some of the Anon are adults and these are the more astute in who, what & were to attack but the basic skill set is there. If you can learn Phython, ruby -Rails you can learn Step7 commands.

As to Sabu I really think he was a spook or a professional. How you can get that level of talent in a crewz and still command respect from a bunch of young people that took talent and he is still free.

That someone (bad actors) may try it, possible but I think just like you said it’s not there MO to do this. It would be bad for the movement and if someone does attack and then blames them. Well I think that the Anon’s will get really mad and do some damage. Some of these kiddies as I called them are growing up and they understand that maybe they did something right or good. Maybe they just think that they can make a difference. I know that Security people are being hired left and right because of this so for some it good. Remember FEAR will get you budget $$$ that may be why DHS is doing it.



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