U.S Needs to Change at Cyber Speed

In the last week so far, hackers hit the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), hackers hit unmanned drones flying covert and military operations around the world. The U.S is still on hold why because  we need to know the legality of retaliation against a cyber attack on another country. You can bet your booties that the U.S has some pretty strong cyber weapons but when can they be used. If we use our new cyber weapons the others will see it and they can learn how to avoid it or plan around them. Just like in conventional weapons we keep the good stuff locked away until the day we need it. But other countries are watching us so if we launch an attack like the one we planned in Syria then other can do the same. By others I mean China, Russia Iran and India. Why include India in this mix is because India is unlike China but the same. India has a wealth of top notch brain power. India is now emerging as a power house in the cyber world. In some instance they are just elementary like a power station with all it’s control hooked up and accessible via a simple Google search.

Virus coming to a Computer near you

India is a great Nation but it’s still has masses of people living in a third world setting while others enjoy the 21st century living. Side by side you have a middle class home next to a shanty town and that cannot stay that way forever. India is a powerful cyber center of the world. It started with call centers and it’s evolve with new companies doing more and more innovation in the cyber arena. China is hitting India left and right for a reason. China has some personal reason for attacking countries like Taiwan but India is just for the technology that they have. More and more cyber experts are coming out of India than ever before. All it takes is one good computer researcher to start the attacks going and then blame whom ever you want.

The U.S needs to stop this slow pace of change and adapt to the cyber realm that swift change is the only thing that can save America in cyberspace.


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