Drones Unmanned Aerial Vehicles




Soviet Union/Russia

UAV ZALA 421-08, a man-portable Russian UAV capable of 90min flight time with video/photo/IR camera


UAV ZALA 421-08, a man-portable Russian UAV capable of 90min flight time with video/photo/IR camera

  • Yak Voron “raven” UCAV for long range, high speed strike capability [51]
  • Yak Klest Reconnaissance UAV to replace the Russian armed forces’ Pchela-1s.
  • Yak Proryv-R Heavy weight MTOW (UAV)
  • Lavochkin La-17, target and reconnaissance (1953)
  • Tupolev Tu-123, reconnaissance (1964)
  • Tupolev Tu-141, reconnaissance (mid-1970s)
  • Tupolev Tu-143, reconnaissance (1970s onward)
  • Yakovlev Pchela, reconnaissance
  • Kamov Ka-137, reconnaissance helicopter 1998
  • ZALA 421-08, most popular Russian UAV reconnaissance plane 2007
  • ZALA 421-06, reconnaissance helicopter 2008
  • ZALA 421-12, reconnaissance plane 2008
  • Dozor 600, reconnaissance-attack aircraft late 2010[52][53][54]
  • Dozor-100, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance unmanned aircraft system 2009 [55]
  • Dozor-50, Intelligence, surveillance 2007 [56]
  • Dozor-85, Aerial mapping, border patrol, surveillance [57]

    RAF MQ-9 Reaper

  • Dozor-3, Heavy UAV for military reconnaissance and strike capability 2009 [58]
  • Kamov MBVK-137, Multipurpose Unmanned Helicopter complex [59]
  • PUSTELGA, Mobile complexes (MC) based on autonomously piloted flying microvehicles (FMV) [60]
  • REIS-D, Unmanned tactical aerial reconnaissance, operational as of 2000 [61]
  • RPV PCHELA-1T, Reconnaissance, operational as of 2000 [62]
  • Aist (“Stork”), Multirole(UAV) for Reconnaissance, surveillance, Target designation for Iskander rocket system, Aerial surveillance equipment, electronic warfare devices. 2009 [63]
  • Yak ALBATROS-EXPERT vertical start and landing remote-piloted vehicle (RPV) intended for television (infra-red vision) air reconnaissance of the underlying surface in the day-time and at night, EXPERT is the integrated system comprising three RPV, ground control station, launcher and servicing equipment. [64]
  • MiG Skat reconnaissance-attack-stealth 2015
  • Sukhoi Zond-1 (UAV) AWACS station for intelligence, surveillance and interception [65]
  • Sukhoi Zond-2 (UAV) Electro-optical and infrared sensors and a synthetic aperture radar for Intelligence, surveillance
  • Sukhoi Zond-3 Small (UAV) for Reconnaissance.

United States



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