Stratfor Hack -Personal Identifiable Information

Data Breach Affects 50,000 people; 50,277 Credit Card Numbers, 44,188 Hashed Passwords, 47,680 E-Mail addresses.

personally identifiable information:

  • 50,277 Unique Credit Card Numbers, of which 9,651 are NOT expired. Note: Many credit cards are re-issued, and many credit card processors do not check the expiration date. Consequently, more than 9,651 credit card holders may still be at risk.
  • 86,594 Email addresses, of which 47,680 are unique.
  • 27,537 Phone Numbers, of which 25,680 are unique.
  • 44,188 Encrypted Passwords, of which roughly 50% could be easily cracked.
  • 73.7% of decrypted passwords were weak
  • 21.7% of decrypted passwords were medium strength
  • 4.6% of decrypted passwords were strong
  • Average decrypted password length: 7.1 Characters.
  • 10% of decrypted passwords were less than 5 characters long.
  • Anonymous and AntiSec Hackers

    Only 4.8% of decrypted passwords were 10+ characters long.

  • Presumably the remaining non-decrypted passwords were stronger than the decrypted subset.
  • 13,973 of the addresses belonged to United States victims; the remainder belonged to individuals from around the world.








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