China U.S. Cyber War Coming

China U.S. Cyber War Coming

gAtO sAy –the lack of trust between Washington and Beijing looks only likely to grow. Stuxnet was the first real Cyber Weapon that has been deployed by a nation/state actors and if you think that China does not see the threat, we all need to wake up. Just a few months ago the U.S made public (announced to the world) that their SCADA software (Sunway) has a number of security holes. They could of mentioned it quietly and confidential. This was a slap in the face to the Chinese, at the height of Lulz-Anonymous hackings.

gAtOmAlO - China U.S. Cyber War

Now if you were China and you know that America and/or Isreal created Stuxnet, and now they have the son of Stuxnet “the DuQu virus”(2nd generation)  and we told them that their SCADA is full of holes wouldn’t you start to beat your chess and bang the drums of cyber warfare, screaming saying every one is hacking China too.(True the U.S alone is conducting cyber testing of weapons every day)

Let look at this Cyber Warfare thingy.

Offense and defense in cyber war have distinct characteristics, and they change frequently. Offensive technologies include computer viruses, DDoS (type), EMP bombs, microwave bombs, and computer and microchip backdoors.  For defense, there are network scanners, network wiretapping devices, password breaking devices, electromagnetic detectors and firewalls, and anti-virus software. IMHO -Let me throw these few things out-

**__“China also need us as a consumer of their exports, as we are the biggest single market in the world.” — This statement is not really true anymore__**

This is were Americans are dead wrong, it used to be that way but as other countries like the BRIC countries have been growing they themselves have produced what “Mr Henry Ford” did create a middle class that can buy it’s own goods and service. As your people come out of the plow and into a smartphone working at the Apple I-Pad factory they learn, more and more. The Chinese are getting tried of being the cheap labor market and the corruption of the communist party to embrace capitalism is changing their minds quickly.

The sad facts are that while we (America) have been at war for the last 10 years China has been building business relations with every country it can. Money talks and they have made some solid moves. Take the biggest IPO this coming year “FACEBOOK” China has band Facebook from China but they are making a big deal in buying Facebook stocks with Glodman S. The US is looking into this and trying to stall it but, when they buy a let’s say 10% share then they will make Facebook available to the Chinese and WAMO add 50-100 million onto Facebook and that stock will be golden.

As to the all the hacking that China has done last year alone we cannot do a thing, not because we can’t but the relationship that we have with China is economics and they got us by the short hair there.

I compiled this bit of info that may open eyes— United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission

We threw China a message a while back by exposing the weak links in their SCADA systems:

And let’s not forget one of my Hero of 2011 Dillon Beresford – he took on CHina and found out that they were wide open. I followed and verified some of his findings and found even more open doors. You see the culture in China is all about saving face. You may of done bad work but when your boss disgraces you, you move and fix the problem, at least you think you fixed it, the pool of educated security people in CHina is low that they can’t,  so their defenses are down today.

– China and the US will be at war in 2012 just how bad it’s going to get— will see.  That’s my 2 cents

gAtO tHiNk – China and Russia will use Iran as a proxy to get what they want and in so doing it they will train and arm Iranian with the needed infusion of technology and education. They do have oil and especially China needs it to make sure of it’s growing economy.

Let me add N. Korea to this mix because of the close ties with China. In N.Korea the new leader the son of the father will have to show the world where he stands as a show of power. Better yet if Obama get’s N. Korea to open up a bit it would be a political move that could help him in the elections this year. Kin Jr. could open N. Korea to the world and make it better for it’s people or they could take the hard line with China support. The could be another proxy for China or Russia.

Both Iran and N. Korea claim of a new super cyber army recently and that was a message to the world, cyber warfare will come – ready or not… gAtO oUt


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