cyber crimes -Who Done It?

FBI wraps up 2011 with 30 more cyber crime indictments

gAtO was looking at “Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section -United States Department of Justice” website and noticed something strange –mAyBe Si-o-nO, something gAtO wrote about – The best security you can have is a happy (let them go to training-  hacker conventions- trade shows) IT group “just a little bit of respect“. Why you may ask, these programmers that forget their families, they stay all night to upgrade the new application and let’s not forget the administration gal’s/guy’s. Making sure that the latest virus update is good. Checking MD5 signature (oh that’s right MD5 encryption is holy cheese now). mEoW

Computer Crime Cases — Below is a summary chart of recently prosecuted computer cases. Many cases have been prosecuted under the computer crime statute, 18 U.S.C. §1030. This listing is a representative sample; it is not exhaustive.

Go to and see that the number one (1) bad guy is: (drum role) your IT guy’s and/or former employee.

uscyber labs - Cyberspace controls kinetic devices

Duh !!!!!!

The best tool against hacker attacks is a smart and happy (well Paid) network administrator, programmers and IT group. Do not let  IDS,  IPS, SIEM, IAM,  SSL, DRP -the technology  lure you into a false sense of security. You need the human with experience and training. be nice please………  gAtO oUt

U.S. v. Meydbray – Former employee

U.S. v. Cotton  – Former network administrator

U.S. v. Garcia  – Former network administrator

U.S. v. Diaz  –  Former Computer Programmer

U.S. v. Castillo  – FBI employee exceeded authorized access on FBI computer


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