North Korea Cyber Army

gAto was reading a friend Reza post on N.Korea cyber army and it got the gAto thinking – N.Korea has no stinking IXP ( Internet Exchange Points ) so how can they have a cyber Army with offensive and defensive capabilities. This is what I found out.

N.Korea does not have any IXP. So who’s bandwidth are they using? ChInA

How can you be a real cyber army without a pipe to the web. If you look at satellites feeds into the information superhighway that pipe is so narrow you can’t really use it as an offensive weapon.

Behind the gorilla beating his chess you have to be quite and listen.

But If gAtO was a  N.Korea Cyber Army General (and gAtO is NOT), I would deploy a networked grid of satellites. Remember “2009 North Korean missile test – that was really Kwangmy?ngs?ng-2 a North Korean satellite. Now to add a backup to the N.Korea infrastructure I would ask my friend China – Dandong, China is between China & help.

Kim Jong-un New N.Korea Leader Cyber Command Center

As my friend Pierluigi said: N.Korea=China- just add “china dandong – Huawei” into a google search and guest what Dandong, China is on the edge of  Sinuiju, N.Korea and one of the prime spot for Huawei corporation -big infrastructure-internet giants with backdoors into cyberspace installed all over the world: They have a big pipe with lots of ones and zeros that they share with N.Korea mAyBe.

Much of North Korea’s trade with China takes place through Sinuiju.

Let’s not forget, “I am a loco gAtIcO” so I connect the dot’s differently. –gAtO oUt

UPDATE: connecting the dots.

Huawei aiding N.Korea

Huawei aiding Iran,


Pierluigi —

ReZa -cyberwarzone –
Internet Exchange Point Growth

N.Korea Satellite – href=”″>

and one gAtO wrote:

“Huawei Corporation –



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