Stuxnet Iran Cyber Recruitment Tool

Iran Cyber recruitment tool Stuxnet.

gAtO ThInK – Stuxnet was the first Cyber Weapon it was targeted at Iran’s nuclear plant. If you think that if your country is attacked you wouldn’t feel compel to help your country-  if you had the technical know how. Well Iran and others are using Stuxnet as a way to build a cyber army.

Now Stuxnet has a son the DuQu virus. Duqu looks for information that could be useful in attacking industrial control systems. Its purpose is not to be destructive, but a Trojan that is trying to gather information.

Like Stuxnet, Duqu attacks Microsoft Windows systems using a zero-day vulnerability.

This little malware is a recon unit to sniff out information for a real attack. The way it works it could even do the sniffing and find the best attack vector and then upload an attack file. Another cool thing is it self destroys just like “mission impossible” after it gives the mission.

We know that if you treat people bad they will not like you. In the middle east you have quite a few bad actors that will get into cyber recruitment to build up cyber militia groups. The muslin world is adapting to cyberspace very quickly so we need to understand that cyber weapons scare people as we embrace the internet we become more dependent and in so more vulnerable to cyber attacks – gAtO oUt


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