Middle East CyberWar has Begun

gAtO tHiNkInG – a nineteen (19) year old kid named oxOmar has started a cyber war between Israel and Saudi Arabia. oxOmar and his pals from the group-xp a Saudi Arabian hacker team posted on a hacker posting site thousand of Israeli credit cards. A few day later an Israeli named 0xOmer countered by posting Saudi credit cards. This all started about the 6 of January, Today 16 days into the new year we have the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al Israel’s national airline their websites hacked (dDoS).

In the muslin world a new cyber empowerment has been born, with it’s history last year of the Arab Spring the ruling parties are worried now about the power of cyberspace. Every country is face with empowering it’s people with the technology they want knowing that these new communication tools can bring down their regimes. The more they continue building their digital infrastructure they become more vulnerable to cyber attacks themselves.

a 19 year old kid starts a cyber war – It’s a cyber catch 22.

Israel has great offensive cyber weapons like “Stuxnet and DuQu virus” which are the new cyber weapon framework of covert and overt attacks. These new cyber weapons are like drone airplanes inside an enemies computer system. Uploading new attack vectors as it learns and communicates with it’s command and control centers were the generals use it in tactical operation. But Israel has no real defensive cyber walls because it’s an open free society.

The cyber tensions in the middle east have escalated with America and Israel joining together and going after Iran and Syria in cyberspace with probes and attacks. Iran is currently building a cyber fortress to keep everyone in and keep everyone else out. Now you add the Saudi’s our friends going after Israel our other friends. -gAtO ThInK iT’S aLl cRaZy

Now a pro-Palestinian hacker group calling themselves “Nightmare” teamed up with Gaza Hacker Team and Anonymous to go after Israel. Meanwhile conventional groups like Hamas has become a cheerleader on the sidelines. The Israeli Defense Minister is to establish a special cyber warfare administration to support it’s country’s websites.

What the gAtO doesn’t understand is how do children set the tone for cyber warfare in the middle east- were are the grown ups?  meanwhile back at the ranch Iran is pushing the nuclear agenda, while it play’s with oil disruption. Now people are saying these kids (oxOmar) will bring down our power supplies, our water treatment plants just to scare the population into giving them more money to do. What? Israel as well as other need to learn that the power of the internet cannot be stopped the people will find a way to get their voices heard. Countries that do not treat it’s citizens right can expect more and more hacking by kids, but wait until the grown-ups start then it’s going to be one major cluster-fuck –gAtO OuT  



Now you got people like “.oO HANNIBAL Oo.” joining in the fun:





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