Underground Cyber War-TangoDown OpMegaupload

gAtO wItNeSs – LIVE International Underground Cyber War via  Twitter this weekend. #Anonymous #Megaupload #OpMegaupload #TangoDown …

If you haven’t heard, police in New Zealand raided MegaUpload.com took down the site and confiscated the servers and all the materials, copyrighted or original content. Remember SOPA protest last week this raid was a SOPA raid by the New Zealand government. They used (Low Orbit Ion Canon) and other tools plus  Twitter (Twitter follower could click on a link and that would launch a dDoS attack -live crowd-source enabled TangoDown attack.


  1. Twitter – @AnonymousWiki – January 19th, 2012
  2. Popular file-sharing website megaupload.com gets shutdown by U.S Justice – FBI and charged its founder with violating piracy laws. Four Megaupload members were also arrested. The FBI released a press release on its website which you can view here:

    German Internet millionaire Kim Schmitz (Kim Dotcom) arrives for. a trial at a district court in Munich in these May 27, 2002 file photos. New Zealand police broke through electronic locks and cut their way into a mansion safe room to arrest the alleged kingpin of an international Internet copyright theft case and seize millions of dollars worth of cars, artwork and other goods. German national Schmitz, also known as Kim Dotcom, was one of four men arrested in Auckland on January 20, 2012, in an investigation of the Megaupload.com website led by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Reuters

  3. http://www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/justice-department-charges-leaders-of-megaupload-with-widespread-online-copyright-infringement
  4. We Anonymous are launching our largest attack ever on government and music industry sites. Lulz. The FBI didn’t think they would get away with this did they? They should have expected us.

Anonymous Twitter feeds kept everyone informed, supporters retweeted it,  joined in the attack  and soon you could see the traffic increase 100% over the course of the event. The attack vector was dDoS but they manage to delete sites like cbs.com down to the bone. Another defiance stance from Anonymous and their crew(z) this weekend showing who has bad security. This is a way for Anonymous to be job creators (mEoW), because these companies need more security people fast…  

**- Will these companies try and hide these attacks? Will these organization disclose if any identifiable USER INFO was compromised? – Will we see unencrypted USER INFO (credit cards -mastercard.com was tango down)in the wild of cyberspace? -**

When gAtO saw Justice.gov and http://justinbieberweb.com/ got TangoDown gAtO kNeW they meant business. When the .gov took a hit you saw thing start to happened…like Anonymous.action-24.com is a fake forum created by the authorities (FBI).

“A security expert (name withheld -Tweeted)” *** Is the (fully unsecure) #AnonGroup social network really run by #AnonOps / #Antisec ?

gAtO sEe- conspiracy theory (FBI vs Anonymous) all around this, but if this was true, or maybe a plant to throw distress amongst the Anons or to capture participants IP address. I see some links to news Items pop up in pasterBin all the time to a blank post, one way of seeing who is following the #OpMegaupload / I still haven’t found out but I’m sure people are looking into this. Trust in the crowd-sourcing communication and tracking tools coordinating attacks and status is something any dissident groups is concern about, but that the FBI and other’s took notice of these attacks thats for sure Dude:

GOV TANGO DOWN! #Megaupload. » anonops AnonOps. “The Internet Strikes Back” is TT! » anonops AnonOps. The Internet Strikes Back #Megaupload info

At the end of the day we see the power of the people in cyber space, a world wide movement like the SOPA, OWS support. Most people don’t have a clue what’s been happening in the underground cyber war to keep it FREE.  |gAtO is no judge as to the protesters wether it’s right or wrong first #SOPA blackout then this massive attack on some major companies -movers and skaters bAbY. I just want these companies to come clean and do the responsible thing, full Disclosure  what happened. Protect my data or else I will not do business with you. Hacktivismn has taken a new turn and people want to belong, they want to be empowered, some are hipsters but the majority are real protesters, the new breed of (hacktivist ) that comes after this one will blow our minds.

 **- 5:17 P.M. Update: RIAA.org is now down.

5:55 Update 3: Tweets indicate there may be more attacks to come this evening.

5:55 Update 3: Tweets indicate there may be more attacks to come this evening.

7:47 Update 4: Anonymous is reporting FBI.gov as down. Some people report being able to get through, but the site is clearly under a lot of stress.

8:19 Update 5: Now it’s definitely down. FBI.gov, that is. MPAA and RIAA sites are back now though

– **

 A masked hacker, part of the Anonymous group, hacks the French presidential Elysee Palace website on January 20, 2012 near the eastern city of Lyon. Anonymous, which briefly knocked the FBI and Justice Department websites offline in retaliation for the US shutdown of file-sharing site Megaupload, is a shadowy group of international hackers with no central hierarchy. On the left screen, an Occupy mask is seen. Getty

Expect Us! is their motto, we better be prepared – gAtO oUt

Until this mess is clear , I hope you saved copies and can upload them to alternative sites like megaupload.com like Putlocker.comFilebox.com or Depositfiles.com or one of the many other cyberlockers available so that people can continue to enjoy them while Megaupload is not working. 


Universal, RIAA, FBI, MPAA and Department of Justice Sites Go Down, Anonymous Claims Responsibility –http://www.geekosystem.com/anon-justice-universal/

Anonymous deletes CBS: Operation Megaupload continues –http://www.examiner.com/anonymous-in-national/anonymous-deletes-cbs-operation-megaupload-continues?@anonymouspress

If Megaupload is not working what happens to the files? http://www.examiner.com/video-game-in-honolulu/if-megaupload-is-not-working-what-happens-to-the-files?@anonymouspress

Anonymous tricked people into joining Web site attacks – http://news.cnet.com/8301-27080_3-57363103-245/anonymous-tricked-people-into-joining-web-site-attacks/

MegaUpload Photo’s of the Bust  – http://cryptome.org/2012-info/megaupload/0051.htm

TangoDown 4 opMegaUpload –List













http://ms.gov.pl/ Poland




Department of Justice http://www.justice.gov/






Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA.org) Universal Music (UniversalMusic.com) Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation (Anti-piracy.be/nl/) Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA.org) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI.gov) HADOPI law site (HADOPI.fr) U.S. Copyright Office (Copyright.gov) Universal Music France (UniversalMusic.fr) Senator Christopher Dodd (ChrisDodd.com) Vivendi France (Vivendi.fr) The White House (Whitehouse.gov) BMI (BMI.com) Warner Music Group (WMG.com)


http://pastebin.com/H4NpqCDC –

Invadimos denovo : http://imgur.com/6bmFe. Havittaja – @Havittaja – http://www.twitter.com/Havittaja -The evilc0de – @theevilc0de – http://www.twitter.com/theevilc0de -Todos os servidores foram desligados -MEGA TANGO DOWN -(TODOS DEVEM ESTAR OFFLINE AGORA 22/01/2012 19:47)

?antigo.se.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?brasiliasustentavel.seduma.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?www.admjardimbotanico.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

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?www.agenciabrasilia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?www.aguasclaras.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?www.arpdf.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?www.bandeirante.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

http://www.brasilia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

http://www.brasiliatur.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

http://www.brazlandia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

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http://www.governo.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

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http://www.ibram.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

http://www.inas.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

http://www.iprev.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

http://www.itapoa.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

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http://www.juventude.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

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http://www.nahora.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

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http://www.procon.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

http://www.protec.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

http://www.recanto.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

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http://www.vlt.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)


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