Anonymous has a Traitor

gAtO sAw – Make money off Anonymous – scam supporters out of money-not Anonymous. Anonymous has a core leadership and Arturas T. Rosenbacher knows some of them from the good old days when some of them were hackers making money. It seems that Arturas decided to make a name for himself and make a little money on the side you know ”for the cause-his pocket needs mo-money”. So he created a bunch of Anon sounding names on Twitter: and scammed the Anons:

  1. 4. Arturas T Rosenbacher
  2. Also known as:
  3. Current Acct on twitter: @allanons
  4. Was @ArturasCEO
  5. Was @_Anti_Sec_
  6. Was @AnonIRC_
  7. Was @Antis3c
  8. Was @_Anon_Ops_
  9. Was @AnonDaily
  10. Was @AnonOpsWorld
  11. Was @OfficialAntisec
  12. @AnonOpsWorld on Twitter

In Occupy Chicago Arturas who was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. This guy is excellent in self promoting and capitalizing on scams the boy has a future. The Anons like anon2world confronted him on.  1/21/2012 : (he actually admits to be RefRef traitor) The transcript are below:[1]

The only reason why gAtO cares is it gives me a better feel for the Anonymous movement and how it works. One thing that I found is leadership in a leaderless group. Anonymous claims to be leaderless but there is a core users that really control it all. You could see them when they were DoS’ing the wrong place in Europe last week and this little cat fight opens up the layers to get a look at who are some of it’s main characters. It amazes me that Anonymous does all of the strategic planning and tactical execution all with social media tools in the open, in the wild. If someone was tracking this group they would of seen the riff and exploited this split. If gAtO can see it anyone can, how come the government does nothing.-gAtO oUt 


Proof that Arturas Rosenbacher, using old FB account AnonOps, created the @anonymouSabu fb page. #OpT4Traitor

From AnonOps:Arturas T. Rosenbacher has been up to his games again. It wasn’t enough that he scammed Anonymous supporters out of money under the guise of AnonCMD, and it wasn’t enough that he was posting false information on OccupyChicago’s Facebook profile, and lying to the organizers about his false claims in helping start Wiki leaks, he had to do something to solidify is narcissistic insanity.


On Sunday, November 6th Arturas decided it would be a great idea to release a famous rap star’s cell phone number to the world on twitter. The rap star, known as Lupe Fiasco donated tents, food and water to Occupy Chicago, and is an outspoken supporter of the Anonymous collective.

Arturas did this under the flag and banner of Anonymous, using Anon Dev Pro as his twitter name, and telling those who listened that he knows high profile anons. The only reason Arturas knows high profile Anons, is because of his past track record with us, which is entrenched with scamming innocent people out of money.

Arturas wants attention, he wants to be famous. Let us make him famous. Let us all contact each and every Occupy movement and make sure the people know about the traitor T. No Occupy is safe with a traitor in the midst; T must be cataloged and identified by each and every individual within all Occupy movements.

He must be shamed upon site for the damage he has done to Occupy Chicago, Lupe Fiasco, and the collective of Anonymous.
We told you we would come for you T, we warned you, and you did not listen. How did you think we would forget? How did you think we would forgive? Your actions will no longer con the masses into believing you are of any worth. Now everyone will know exactly who and what you are, which is nothing more than a small time con man with psychological problems seeking attention.

Proof that Arturas Rosenbacher, using old FB account AnonOps, created the @anonymouSabu fb page. #OpT4Traitor

@AllAnons @anon2world @TehWongZ are you talking about this site? AK Enterprises based in Lithuania? #OpT4Traitor

#OpT4Traitor He swindled $355 in donations out of peoples pockets under the guise #OpMegaUpload @AllAnons = scammer…

  1. If you have been scammed by Arturas T. Rosenbacher’s online donations, and are in search of legal counsel
  2. please contact: and help us make him accountable for his actions.
  3. Arturas T Rosenbacher
  4. Also known as:
  5. Current Acct on twitter: @allanons
  6. Was @ArturasCEO
  7. Was @_Anti_Sec_
  8. Was @AnonIRC_
  9. Was @Antis3c
  10. Was @_Anon_Ops_
  11. Was @AnonDaily
  12. Was @AnonOpsWorld
  13. Was @OfficialAntisec
  14. @AnonOpsWorld on Twitter
  15. @only219 on Twitter
  16. Business Web Page:
  17. Social Media etc.
  24. <– phone numbers, emails etc
  28. <— in T’s house he filmed hiimself setting up Ustream (idiot).
  29. When doing a spokeo search with this email ( I found this:
  31. It states under the Spokeo search results: Real Name: Anon CMD
  32. Bio: We are #AnonOps AnonCMD | #AntiSec #Anon #OpBART | Hacktivist / Supporter of Anonymous, AntiSec, and OP’s. We Leak. #Venture
  33. Bio: We are #AnonOps AnonCMD | #AntiSec #Anon #OpBART | Hacktivist / Supporter of Anonymous, AntiSec, and OP’s. We Leak. #Venture
  34. ^ RefRef Traitor AnonCMD PROOF
  35. <— need an acct to view, went private (teee heheheh – troll it peeps)
  37. Skype: aajkr29
  38. AIM: arturasr29
  39. Cellphone: 3125026086
  40. another phone: 3126320401
  41. 219 Electronics Instruction and Repair (This is T’s House)
  42. 21 E. Atwater, Beverly Shores, IN
  43. (219) 873-6115<–home?
  46. All courtesy of the Old Man’s toolz. Thank You! 😉
  47. Previous dox
  48. Dox 1:
  49. Dox 2:
  50. Anonymous Press Release:
  51. [1] A LuLzy Skype Chat with the dickhead @AnonDaily on 1/21/2012 : (he actually admits to be RefRef traitor)
  52. [8:45:03 PM] Anon2world: Nice that you scammed all of those people out of money for wepay #OpMegaUpload.
  53. [8:48:25 PM] *** Missed call from Arturas Rosenbacher. ***
  54. [8:48:29 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: nigger answer
  55. [8:48:47 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: I don’t need their money clearly, I’m not even running it.
  56. [8:49:29 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: stop nbeing a bitch and ansswer
  57. [8:49:31 PM] Anon2world: I need to get my VPN up before I even talk on here.  You set up the acct,
  58. you ran the info under anondaily
  59. [8:49:38 PM] *** Missed call from Arturas Rosenbacher. ***
  60. [8:49:55 PM] Anon2world: we are not happy.
  61. [8:50:27 PM] Anon2world: You calling me a nigger, and a bitch doesn’t help your cause.
  62. [8:51:24 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: that one, sry
  63. [8:51:39 PM] Anon2world: let me get my vpn up
  64. [8:51:43 PM] Anon2world: you can log my IP
  65. [8:51:53 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: you think im smart enough for htat?
  66. [8:52:22 PM] Anon2world: why take that chance…
  67. [8:52:40 PM] Anon2world: I dox’d you remember? (well with the help of a few others).
  68. [8:53:05 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: Haha
  69. [8:53:07 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: I remember!
  70. [8:53:15 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: Clearly no one gives a shit about your dox
  71. [8:53:26 PM] Anon2world: seems a lot of people did.
  72. [8:53:39 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: Any clearly, all the money from the first wepay donations were reversed,
  73. [8:53:45 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: I sent you that remember
  74. [8:53:51 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: Plus, we both know I dont need money
  75. [8:54:04 PM] Anon2world: one sec
  76. [8:54:15 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: And also, you come to my house again, I will shoot you.
  77. [8:54:43 PM] Anon2world: LoL – I will warn the Anon that did 😉
  78. [8:54:47 PM] Anon2world: but, it wasn’t me
  79. [8:54:49 PM] Anon2world: 😀
  80. [8:54:58 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: But for real, lets be cool
  81. [8:55:04 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: Stop with that #opt4traitor shit
  82. [8:55:11 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: its fucking stupid
  83. [8:55:22 PM] Anon2world: dude, how many scams have we caught you in?
  84. [8:55:31 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: prove any were scams
  85. [8:55:34 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: I never got money
  86. [8:55:36 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: PEriod
  87. [8:55:37 PM] Anon2world: I traced your acct back to anoncmd
  88. [8:55:44 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: yeah,
  89. [8:55:48 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: so
  90. [8:55:51 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: get passed it
  91. [8:56:02 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: people forgot, shit has changed now,a nd I was on CNN
  92. [8:56:07 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: Clearly no one gives a fuck anymore
  93. [8:56:15 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher:
  94. [8:56:18 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: look at the fucking about
  95. [8:56:27 PM] Anon2world: I was on CNN too, and in a documentary… doesn’t make me want to run scams
  96. [8:56:41 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: You mean RefRef?
  97. [8:56:44 PM] Anon2world: yes
  98. [8:56:56 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: It existed, we all know that, took down pastebin
  99. [8:57:35 PM] Anon2world: you showed deprogrammer9 – you were going to take down the CTA… nothing happened…
  100. [8:57:47 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher:!/pastebin/status/139767795763253248
  101. [8:58:14 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: CMD was a group twitter
  102. [8:58:15 PM] Anon2world: you can’t prove it was refref that did that
  103. [8:58:45 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: I tweeted that it would be down before it was
  104. [8:58:49 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: under ANonCMd
  105. [8:58:58 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: in the end, it doesnt matter
  106. [8:59:07 PM] Anon2world: you could have used any DDoS client bro
  107. [8:59:17 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher:
  108. [8:59:20 PM] Anon2world: I have taken sites down with little or no troubles
  109. [8:59:32 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: you think LOIC could take down pastebin, on one computer?
  110. [8:59:54 PM] Anon2world: no, but multiple…
  111. [9:00:11 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: Hah
  112. [9:00:12 PM] Anon2world: i have take out sites with only 2 people using diff techs
  113. [9:00:18 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: I dont care what you did
  114. [9:00:33 PM] Anon2world: refref, you said was a lie
  115. [9:00:39 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: refref is over, celarly all you kids could live after you realized it was out,, then gone
  116. [9:00:42 PM] Anon2world: you said there was no refref
  117. [9:00:49 PM] Anon2world: kids?
  118. [9:00:53 PM] Anon2world: you met me.
  119. [9:00:54 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: everybody has to clearn up a project that anonymous wasnt ready for
  120. [9:01:11 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: it existed, i made sure everyone thought it was fake
  121. [9:01:18 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: thats why i got on anoncmd
  122. [9:01:22 PM] Anon2world: dude, no one can believe anything you say.
  123. [9:01:27 PM] Anon2world: let me reboot.
  124. [9:01:28 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: do you think i give a shit?
  125. [9:01:34 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: clearly no
  126. [9:01:42 PM] Anon2world: stay online I will talk voice with you in a minute.
  127. [9:01:45 PM] Anon2world: have to reboot
  128. [9:01:54 PM] Anon2world: stay here plz
  129. [9:02:01 PM] Arturas Rosenbacher: no
  130. [9:02:18 PM] Anon2world: fine, then we wont talk voice
  131. [9:02:21 PM] Anon2world: and I wont reboot
  132. [9:02:42 PM] Anon2world: how can you go under “anonymous” and put your real name out there? clearly you’re
  133. not anonymous Arturas



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