Recon the Deep Web

Tools – NAT FireWall – Lil’Snitch – VPN – ToR —> Bandwidth Graph – View Network -Message Log

See bottom for UpDaTe 2/22/11

gAtO wAnTeD –to explore the Deep Web to see what all the chatter is all about. So I went to to see what tools were available. Tor has many tools like -Tails is a Live CD/USB distro preconfigured to use Tor safely and easily. gAtO has used Vidalia and firefox before just for a test drive but the slowness stopped me the first time. I have noticed Anonymous and others using the Deep Web to re-launch the LulzBoat on one of the taunts they made they gave an .onion chat room were you need to register to get in. So what is different from any other Chat room not on .onion. Timelin of The onionLand

Cryptocat even offers a Tor Hidden Service at http://xdtfje3c46d2dnjd.onion.

How governments have tried to block Tor [28C3]-Video 

First the mechanics of a Tor network hides you from anyone the good the bad and the ugly that simple. With a VPS (Virtual Private Network) from any hosting service you can create a website and deploy it in the .onion only visible Deep Web. Now even popular WebSite tools like Drupal and WordPress can publish to the deep web so people under censorship can still see your websites thru ToR. For a dissident who is monitored they can go into a Tor network and publish a site were other like mined can share information without their government or anyone else knowing. No trace. Yes the bad guy’s uses the Deep Web to peddle their wear but there is a lot of good stuff —if you can find it.

gAtO went into the Deep Web testing the water but verifying[1] that I had my shields on at all times. First it’s slow so take your time when you hit a wiki they but first check yourself this will check your safe and sound. 

First stop is TorDir http://suw74isz7wqzpmgu.onion [2] This will give you a chance to look and the tip of the iceberg. When you get to this first site – I right away went to Hacking and Related Section( to see what is out there) As you can see this is different than google search :

Comments: 5 read or add comments about this link (Anonymous) | Rating: *****

Last check: 04-02-2012 16:54:21 | Result: On | Lag: 19 seconds

Here are a few different thing about this site 1st it has comments(read Them) You should read these so you know what’s in these site. 2nd Last checked and Results and Lag Time these vary some in places I seen have 50 second lag time. Remember these are .onion sites and sometimes there on and sometimes there not. A nefarious website may not keep normal times of business so if you really thing that that site is real check back it may come back on the air. 

If you want to do more than look I recommend us a boot CD/USB with NO WRITE to your hard drive. These are tech savvy people and they may try to put a bot,worm,spy, whatever on your device as for the .onion on my personal Mobile device-NoWayDude.


Example of a BAD Site: do not click


First carding service from russian community. Credit cards, bank accounts, DDoS service.


Last check: 03-02-2012 04:41:02 | Result: Off

Just look at this site Carders Planet would you really enter this site without your bells and whistles all tight as a submarine. By the way Results:Off (so the site is Off). Then there is the monetary part BitCoins looks to be all right but I have not used them so until I experience them I will not comment. Anyway try http://k4bmdpobhqdguh2y.onion/ This has a basic list to a few site that are rather safe. I listed a few sites I found most all of them work at least when I tried them as security people we need to understand the deep web so we can use it as another tool on our belts. will be adding a .onoin site in the coming weeks and we will also use Tor-Bridge to publish to both worlds. The Deep Web needs good solid content sometimes depending on the time and place their is no other way to read information that may save a life. Freedom must be preserve the .onion network is no Dark Web it just different let work to make it better -gAtO oUt

What is a .onion site?

.onion, for all intents an purposes, acts like a top level domain (like your .com’s, .org’s, etc), but is not accessible like a normal webpage. For this reason, it’s called a pseudo top level domain. .onions are run through the Tor network (there are at least two text files on that subject, here, by Mr_Scotty and in the second section of the text here, by myself). Not only does this encrypt server-side data, but increases anonymity as well. On your normal web, a website hosting illegal content would be shut down by the country’s government that governs the host. But on your Tor Network, not only is it impossible to tell where the site is hosted – it’s impossible to take it down, as well.


Tor network Software Free 

Pirate Bay in the onion http://jntlesnev5o7zysa.onion/

[2] Messaging – Activism, Political and Revolutionary – Adult – Blogs – Business – Email, IM, Communications – Gambling – Hacking and Related – Hosting and Content Share – Librarys – Personal Pages – Reference  – Security – Social- Social File/happiness sharing


Normal Web:

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Wiki Tor

Tor + Hidden WiKi

Tor Onion Sites

[1]Tor Check <

Torando:  http://b6kpigzhrdhibmos.onion/d6/

Qpastebin http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/paste/browse.php

PasteOnion http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/boi/

The Hidden Wiki – contains all SORTS of info on tor sites http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/

TORCH, a tor search engine http://eqt5g4fuenphqinx.onion/

Core .onion, a tor site directory http://4jbxjjrbakmdcmvb.onion/

Tor Check <

AntiSec Embacy –http://ibhg35kgdvnb7jvw.onion/

Odd K5: http://k5oddprhqyfvhwh4.onion

Search Engine Torgler: http://oqznfi3tdo6nwg3f.onion

Leaks: Wikileaks: http://suw74isz7wqzpmgu.onion

Messaging: TorPM: http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/pm/

File Hosting: sTORage: http://utovvyhaflle76gh.onion/

BLOLYLO: http://46lm7zhgildryehk.onion

ES Uploader: http://i7hknwg4up2jhdkx.onion

AnonyShares: http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion

Gatways to I2P Susi Mail: 

German http://a5ec6f6zcxtudtch.onion

The Silk Road where u can buy drugs   silkroadvb5piz3r.onion

Old time Cyber Links good tech stuff- http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/links.html

The Hidden Wiki! Can potentially find everything from here! http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Contains Tor Library http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion/

The General Store (more drugs) http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/generalstore/

A bunch of rather popular boards (like Intel Exchange) http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/sitedex.php


2/22/11 -Update:

gAtO found this list it is still raw and some nasty shit is on this that gAtO will never need to go,, sick bastard..

Here’s the hidden wiki that you can access when on Tor



  • Assassination Market – Anonymous assassination market using Tor Bank and TorPM
  • TOR Free For All – Unmoderated area for political and other topics. Anything goes. (Guest account: user=public01 pass=public01)
  • TorTSE – A continuation of the infamous TOTSE forum which has existed since the late 80s covering almost every topic.
  • Democrat Watch – Right-wing board dedicated to criticizing Democrats (registration required)
  • The Intel Exchange – Know or need to know something? Ask and share at this underground intelligence gathering network…
  • talk.masked, clearnet version (read only) – Talks/Notes. A Janitor Joint. Mirror: rsync://ci3hn2uzjw2wby3z.onion:873/
  • K5 Odd Forums – Forum with a different interface than the common ones. Poop’s joint. (Requires HTTP referrers)
  • OnionWarez – Uncensored warez/multimedia forum. Eng/Pol. Pedo/necro/bestia/murder talk only in allowed channels.
  • anonymous bbs, gopher interface, telnet interface – Another variation of the talks style of board.
  • Tajna Community – A WIP Underground forum & file dump. Caters for most tastes. (LUP 2010-12-06)
  • TextForest – Kinda like talk.masked, but personalized. A Janitor Joint.
  • Hosted by: Freedom Hosting
  • Warez and uncensored talk Forum – Forum for warez and uncensored talk
  • HackBB – Forums for hacking, phreaking, cracking, programming, anti-forensics, and other topics centered around technology.
  • Anarcho-Syndicalist Brigade – Forums for Collectivist Anarchists and leftists to discuss things, primarily revolution
  • Muchan – Imageboard for discussing music and random stuff. Boards : /b/ (random)
  1. OnionIB: b4yrk2nkydqfpzqm.onion/onionib
  2. The Tor Library: am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion
  3. Hidden Wiki: http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  4. TORDIR: http://dppmfxaacucguzpc.onion/
  5. Torch: http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/
  6. TorStatus: http://lotjbov3gzzf23hc.onion/
  7. Intel exchange boards (nothing really useful, except for gathering links) – Channers present
  8. http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/736364f4/threadlist.php?
  9. Hidden Wiki
  10. http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  11. LiberaTor (info dump site – pdf files, risk to security)
  12. http://p2uekn2yfvlvpzbu.onion/
  13. Dangler’s site – hired thief
  14. http://627kx22vati6uqkw.onion/
  15. cheese pizza sites
  16. Secret Corner – imageboard
  17. 7cov2loswjrmaqot
  18. Image gallery
  19. 6x77gb7ngu6nymwl
  20. video hosting
  21. opva2pilsncvtwmh
  22. http://b4yrk2nkydqfpzqm.onion/girls/topic/1045+full/
  23. lolitas
  24. http://m3hjrfh4hlqc67gb.onion/inliner.php?num=50&size=120&filter=00
  25. Core onion – directory
  26. http://eqt5g4fuenphqinx.onion/
  27. Onion chan – Captain piccard everywhere
  28. http://b4yrk2nkydqfpzqm.onion/
  29. Ebook colection
  31. Pastebin
  32. http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/paste/browse.php
  33. List of bbs
  34. http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/sitedex.php
  35. * axqzzpkfwezf3kku.onion – Tor Project: Anonymity Online
  36. * dppmfxaacucguzpc.onion – TORDIR – Link List
  37. * eqt5g4fuenphqinx.onion – Core.onion
  38. * oqznfi3tdo6nwg3f.onion – Tor network search – Torgle v3
  39. * xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion – Freedom Hosting
  40. * 4jbxjjrbakmdcmvb.onion – TorMarks Tor Directory
  41. * a5ec6f6zcxtudtch.onion – Webinterface of “awxcnx”
  42. * c4wcxidkfhvmzhw6.onion – PrivacyBox
  43. * taswebqlseworuhc.onion – TasWeb
  44. * vdyrqdwjyx7kfnhy.onion – Welcome to vescum!
  45. * wf4df37hrebhwzts.onion – Web Design Guidelines: Onionland Style
  46. * torbankofpucsfo6.onion – Tor Bank is obsolete
  47. * vms43o4cqysakvyb.onion – The Bitcoin 4 Cash Service – Home
  48. * xqzfakpeuvrobvpj.onion – MyBitcoin – A web-based transaction processor for Bitcoin
  49. * 5pyq73pxm423mgzx.onion – potaoto – anonymous image hosting
  50. * i7hknwg4up2jhdkx.onion – ES Simple Uploader
  51. * xfq5l5p4g3eyrct7.onion – Onion Image Uploader
  52. * 6eranjd7c4f5rncf.onion – Public timeline – twat
  53. * ms4kc75hlvnfcxgz.onion – blog.masked
  54. * ci3hn2uzjw2wby3z.onion – talk.masked
  55.     * k5oddprhqyfvhwh4.onion – K5 Odd Forums
  56.     * qm3monarchzifkwa.onion – anonymous bbs
  57.     * tzdp6xe2upfbh5qv.onion – ^/ TextForest
  58.     * 7ymfzygewl4n6usp.onion – Index of /
  59.     * clsvtzwzdgzkjda7.onion – HackBB » Index page
  60.     * cx4vwijytopjvedi.onion – A website
  61.     * 3terbsb5mmmdyhse.onion – hashparty ~ password cracking
  62.     * voba3xuuqisvloqe.onion – FirstSale | Convert your e-books for use on another Kindle™
  63.     * 2c2na76zih6lxmeo.onion – Index of /
  64.     * nwycvryrozllb42g.onion – Destination Unknown
  65.     * w4dzvkf6hu5d5pha.onion – BookPusher’s eBook Collection
  66.     * p2uekn2yfvlvpzbu.onion – LiberaTor
  67.     * wxbsxbatlwtdhvvo.onion – The Occupied Potty
  68.     * s7nbvdbky4xqim7h.onion – Male animal genitalia gallery – Makloo’s Free online pictures

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