Syrian Electronic Army is Open to Hacking

gAtO SeEn- the news about Syria and the Homs murder of protesters and this is a bad thing for the people of Syria and the dissidents. While Russia and China think about this more and more killings have happened. So gAtO thought what is Syria doing in cyberspace? gAtO jimped in and started looking first at the Syrian Cyber Army website  this is their main site now with google translator I started to read the site.:

As I looked over the site I noticed that they use Joomla 1.5, this is an older version of Joomla full of holes and an easy hack. There is so much open on this site were you can get any of the scripts and look at the code, all this from any browser[1]. This is not rocket science.

Well if the Syrian Army uses this version of Joomla maybe some other government offices in Syria do:…91…/index.php?

Here are a few more sites that yes you guessed it they have the same Joomla 1.5 app running their websites. Knowing that this version has security holes why would a government use it. My only guess is they started in 2008 and if something works well keep it. If this department uses this Application well others will use it. The Syrian government is built on treats and intimidation so anything that is accepted no one will call attention to it, under fear of reprisal this is how all dictatorships work.

Now it comes to us the rest of the world to do something. gAtO contacted USSTRATCOM and Ya’akov Yehudi (Israel Security) to report this and I got nothing back from them so what do I do with information that can help people from getting murdered and killed by an oppressive state. Well here it is I am publishing this information and hope that someone will pick this up and do something with it. It’s a moral thing that gAtO must do, I have seen murder and killings like this in my former country and I could do nothing at that time so here it is, let the chips fall were they fall -gAtO Out

[1] Here are some links from their site and their CODE:

<meta name=”generator” content=”Joomla! 1.5 – Open Source Content Management” />



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