Attacking The Web-new bogey man is Anonymous

Got your attention, this is how they play us in cyber space to control us. -ok this rant is from a lOcO KiTtY…back up

gAtO sAy’s– “power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have” 

Attacking cyberspace has come of age. It’s cool and hip to say hay “hackers are going to shut down your electricity” all the players are using the same old tactic that they used with eco-terrorist back in 2006 wow 6 years ago, we have grown since then. We were worried about wacko-hippies chained to a tree, or a bulldozer. They fed us that kind of crap and we believe them.

The Rise and Fall of the Eco-Radical Underground

Rolling Stone’s 2006 feature on what the government calls the ‘the number-one domestic terrorism threat

Today congress and senators announced  Anonymous the number-one domestic terrorism threat is this just another political play to get money for non-compete contract with donor to the cause(their pockets). You don’t think all those silly little think tanks in Washington aren’t reading the tea leaves. The new bogey man is Anonymous and groups like them. it has Cyber Political Power – CPP how scare can you make them online- look at what happened when the web protested SOPA and went BLACK. History was created that day January-18-2012- the day cyberspace roared as one voice, and that scared the living shit out of the powers that be. You see it’s power that cyberspace holds and they want to keep that power, but we won’t let them. –-mEoW mEoW

power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have

With just a few knowledgeable active and passive agents-provocateur -anyone with a cause or worse money (Rupert Murdoch $$) can nudge cyberspace in one direction or another. Just think of a bot-master with a few thousand twitter accounts changing the tone of a conversation from right to middle or all the way to the left. Power to move the masses is something that powerful people want to control. This kind of social technology is the same old propaganda stuff the CIA threw at their puppet governments, with today’s technology countries like Iran and Syria cannot control the news, pictures and video that show the atrocities committed on their own. It will be used for good and evil, the genie has been let out of the bottle and cyberspace will only grow -gAtO oUt —stepping of the soapBox now……with a pirate song in my heart…AarGh


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