Cyberwar Iran vs Britain Extra -read all about it

Cyberwar Iran and Britain Read all about it

 gAtO hEaRd –that Iran started this cyber conflict (war ) with a post from the Washington Post Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 03/12/2012 “Iran an era of cyber infection”- are you scared now get ready… Like it or not, we’ve entered a new era in which the global geopolitical balance may be determined by hackers and cyber-activists in hooded sweatshirts rather than career diplomats in fashionable pantsuits. After President Barack Obama’s March 4 address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee supporting Israel against the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. There is mounting evidence that the U.S. and Israel mounted a similar type of attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010. On March 4, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” covered the so-called Stuxnet virus.

Young Muslin Revolutionary

We next see the Iranian women rights activists of the “Change for Equality”on their website. In 2011 the Netizen Prize was awarded to the Tunisian group blogging site for their coverage of the green movement.  This does not sit well on Iranina male power base. These guy suffer another slap to the face they hear more about how great Stuxnet was kicking their Iranian butt’s— “By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. The Stuxnet computer worm that damaged Iranian nuclear facilities – widely suspected to be an Israeli or even US covert action – was a model of a responsibly conducted cyber-attack, said the top lawyer for the US military’s …” Tehran boy and boys are getting pretty pissed off that Israel and the US are making them a laughing stock of the world. That’s what our propaganda machine can do to our enemies.

So they strike  the UK news media of the world the BBC – So the great Cyber War begin by Iran attacking a company that has no military cyber team —The BBC has suffered a sophisticated cyber-attack following a campaign by Iranian authorities against its Persian service, director-general Mark Thompson said on Wednesday. Thompson also reported attempts to jam satellite feeds of the British Broadcasting Corporation services into Iran and to swamp its London phone lines with automated calls.

The first stike of the cyber war is a dud DUDE< Your going to jam the feeds and start a cyber war against the BBC, come on how about Dude that’s lame. Big powerful Iran fights a single company—the you go and try to justify your attack on the BCC — On March 6, Iranian state television network Press TV accused U.S. and Israeli hackers of attempting to take down its website. Press TV said it was able to foil the attack with security measures. How about Iran if we start small cyber attack something more mangle to your cyber capability like —Monaco – 0.7 square miles – The tiny state of Monaco lies along the French Riviera on the French Mediterranean coast near Nice. Look Iran gAtO has gotten you an attack site for Monaco Prince Rainier Marries Grace Kelly Web Site: This will show your strength to the world, your cyber prow-less.

gAtO WaTcHiNg U iRaN

While your busy attacking a simple company your youth are learning how to get outside your cyber bubble — Cyber resistance takes centre stage at “[1]One World Festival” It shows the world what this cyber generation can do —”Young generations are contesting the existing power in the West but also in the rest of the world, especially in the East. We want to reflect these changes”, festival director Alexandru Solomon told a press conference.

A special section called “Revolution Online” will showcase “Rouge Parole”, the story of the Tunisian revolution and the expulsion of strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The Internet and social networks played a crucial role in the mobilization against the regime in several countries, such as Egypt.

“Fragments of a Revolution” shows how Iranian exiles depended on the Internet to follow the “Green movement” in their home countries, trying to find images and comments on social networks, anxiously expecting mails from their friends and families who were left behind.

Ayatollah Khamenei  and Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sorry DUDES but the BBC is not a Nation and they don’t have an military cyber arm like Israel or the US the people that hacked you Nuclear Plants and put you back into the stone age. Next time Iran as Janis Joplin said “Try —Jusat a bit harder , Yeah Baby” You may find out what a real Cyber attack on your country and your total infrastructure that you sent billion to build with a little help from Huawei and the Chinese and Russian – Cyber toys for Oil program we know all about it —When will this cold cruel cyberwar that Iran is waging on the BCC ever stop!— Stay tunes my friends…-gAtO oUt 





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