gAtO fOuNd – this while thinking about the legality of what the FBI and SaBu did. as gAtO look at the current Anonymous and their Leader Sabu turning Snitch since last year. You look at his twitter post and all the action he told his followers to do sanctioned by the FBI and I wonder if all this was legalIMOHO (in my own humble opinion)… gAtO oUt –

4 June 2011 – First passing mention of ANTISEC in relation to Anonymous is made on LulzSec twitter (

7 June 2011 – SABU visited by FBI and arrested quietly

8 June 2011 – By 10AM this day, SABU was fully cooperating with feds

19 June 2011 – AFTER arrest, SABU resumes tweeting after a prolonged break (last recorded tweets being random in March and May of 2011 —

His ?rst tweet is to announce the formation of ANTISEC ( He announces ANTISEC as “The biggest, uni?ed operation amongst hackers in history.” <– Does “uni?ed” = conspiracy?

Original ANTISEC Release Statement -

gAtO – I question entrapment. He told his followers to used the credit cards from Stratford to charge up $$ on them… a crime and the FBI said OK.. He told them were to hack and the FBI ok it… I just posted an article about FinFisher – government spyware… Our legal arm is acting like criminals and I question that. When our government start becoming criminals to catch criminals.. I have to wonder. are we winning the cyber war at what cost to our national morality????— The more I see governments doing these things, It make me want to use technology to hide my identity just because anything I do can and will be used against me… even if it’s nothing —

20 June 2011 – LulzSec announces Tango Down of site for UK’s

Serious Organised Crime Agency ( “in the name of

#ANTISEC” ( <– Note, Topiary would later be arrested and charged with DDOS attack on SOCA website

22 June 2011– LulzSec tweets “offcial ANTISEC theme song” (

gAtO –1st. 90% of our senators and congressmen not even counting the State guy’s and galls know how to use a computer let alone know the difference between FaceBook and Twitter or LinkedIn. All 3 are different and for me to let these high and mighty people, who know nothing but what their Super Pacs tell them is a joke to allow them to regulate and control business based on money not the people.

Org Chart of Hacker Crew -Groups


23 June 2011 – LulzSec releases Chinga La Migra on AZ law enforcement in protest of AZ SB1070 ( Both release and tweeted announcement referenced #ANTISEC (

23 June 2011 – SABU tweets “Friday will be beginning of #ANTISEC dumps. Big ups to all hackers involved in this massive project!”

 24 June 2011 – Logs from IRC channel #pe are leaked publicly. SABU appears as an authority ?gure. Are they leaked with a purpose of establishing him even more in the Anonymous community as a leader?

 24 June 2011 – ANTISEC releases a call to arms video

(http:// Video includes the provocative statement, “Top priority is to steal and leak any classi?ed government information, including email spools and documentation. Prime targets are banks and other high-ranking establishments.”

gAtO –2nd. Yes I expect my law enforcement people to play by the rules. Not bend them to maybe go after that guy because he is black, Latino or a long hair hippy guy. Hay SaBu was a Lationo guy maybe they only bend the rule because he is spanish. Rules are Rules and I expect my government to play by the rules or else every one will do this and that as there view of the world and if that’;s the case Then we are ruleless and everyone for themselves, were would America be then – were would the world be —

25 June 2011 – LulzSec announces its dissolution and the end of the 50 Days of Lulz (; ).

 26 June 2011 – LulzSec twitter encourages “all future #ANTISEC enthusiasts” to join the #ANTISEC channel on the Anonops IRC and to “follow @AnonymousIRC” ( ).

26 June 2011 – SABU tweets, “We are working under the #ANTISEC ?ag now gentlemen” (

 26 June 2011 – SABU laughs o ? dox attempts that name him as”Hector Montsegur” [sic] ( ).

gAtO –3rd. You cannot stop a salesman from knocking on your door – you don’t have to open the door and buy something from him but you cannot make a law for every thing a person does or else we live in North Korea. When you get that E-mail that tell you, you just won the lottery in England just send them $1299.99 cents for processing and your $10million dollars richer –eh eh I would not trust that email if you do then you deserve what you get. Sorry – Darwin Award Winner….. I lived in Communism you have no clue what it is to have your right of free speech taken away and if your friends rat you out (like to Homeland Security or communist HQ) you go to prison or worse. Do you want America to become a place were all our freedoms are taken away and we have to live by MY RULES(-gAtO’s Rules Book). I don’t think anyone ones to live by my rules and I sure don’t want to live by yours. That is why we elect our political and sometimes vote for laws and if they don’t do a good job we elect someone else in.

26 June 2011 – SABU uses his in?uence to funnel people into the #ANTISEC channel on Anonops IRC ( ).

 27 June 2011 – @AnonymousIRC announces “the LulzBoat and its crew will now sail under the #ANTISEC banner” ( ).

 28-29 June 2011 – ANTISEC makes its ?rst release ( ). Relevant tweets ( | ) claiming ANTISEC responsibility.

29 June 2011 – SABU incites Brasil to “rise up” in ANTISEC and again funnels people to #ANTISEC channel on Anonops IRC ( ).

30 June 2011 – ANTISEC hacks and released more info on AZ law enforcement ( ) and tweets responsibility from ANTISEC ( ).

 30 June 2011 – SABU tweets that is Tango Down “for itsobvious racism” ( ).

 30 June 2011 – SABU again funnels Anons into #ANTISEC channel on Anonops IRC ( ).

 1 July 2011 – SABU again funnels Anons into #ANTISEC channel on Anonops IRC ( ).

 11 July 2011 – SABU tweets multiple times, hinting at foreknowledge of the Booz Allen Hamilton hack that would occur later on 11 July ( | | ).

gAtO –4th. Did you really mean it when you said you want limits set on FaceBook, Twitter and such places? So you want the government that has no rules but TAKES A THIEF TO CATCH A THIEF mentality and these guy’s will limit business how to do business. Then you just threw out the very core of America capitalism. You would want more rules and regulation by governments that bend the rule to control every aspect of our business and corporate life. Hay You– your once again talking about North Korea and other places like Syria oh yeah they took those leader down….

11 July 2011 – ANTISEC hacks and releases ~90,000 military email/ pw combos in Military Meltdown Monday from Booz Allen Hamilton ( ). Announces via Twitter (

15 July 2011 – SABU tweets veiled threat to federal contractors ( ).

18 July 2011 – LulzSec reemerges and hacks The Sun ( ).

 19 July 2011FBI arrests 14 suspected Anonymous participants in California, New York, Florida and New Jersey in a nationwide investigation.

 22 July 2011 – ANTISEC leaks 8GB of internal data from Italian Police’s National Centre for Computer Crime and the Protection of Critical Infrastructure ( )

 27 July 2011 – ANTISEC issues “offcial communique from Anonymous and Lulz Security ” regarding FBI arrests of alleged Anonymous participants ( ).

27 July 2011 – Alleged LulzSec spokesman Topiary / Jake Davis arrested (

28 July 2011 – +500mb of NATO data was leaked by ANTISEC ( )

29 July 2011 – 390MB internal docs from FBI-DoD cyber-security contractor Mantech leaked by ANTISEC ( )

 3 August 2011 – SABU solicits BitCoins via Twitter ( ).

 6 August 2011 – +10G of data from 76 rural U.S. Sheri? ‘s ofces leaked in ANTISEC’s “Shooting Sheri ? ‘s Saturday” ( ). Release included statement saying, “A recent DHS bulletin has called us “script kiddies” that lack “any capability to in?ict damage to critical infrastructure” yet we continue to get in and out of any system we please, destroying and dropping dox on the mightiest of government systems that are supposed to be protecting their sick nightmare of “law and order”. GIVE UP. You are losing the cyberwar, and the attacks against the governments, militaries, and corporations of the world will continue to escalate.”

6 August 2011 – Syrian MOD hacker solicited by SABU to join ANTISEC to “disrupt govt communication systems” (direct quote).

9 August 2011 – SABU works fervently to cast doubt and hurt credibility of AnonPlus website. Was it disinfo propagated by feds with the intention to kill the site? (| | )

10 August 2011 – SABU trumpets the Brasil ANTISEC Santiagraha release on Twitter ( ).

15 August 2011 – SABU guilty plea hearing in US Federal DistrictCourt. Full transcript:

 15 August 2011 – SABU gets into Twitter spat with Mike Virus, each accuse the other of being an informant ( | | ).

 16 August 2011 – FUCKING HILARIOUS. SABU tweets, “If god forbid I a

m arrested, I’ll admit to my crimes, and take myself down. I do not believe in brining others down for my own sins.” ( )

 17 August 2011 – SABU goes on month-long hiatus from Twitter. His ?nal tweet: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that… he is gone.” ( )

22 August 2011 – ANTISEC releases 1GB of personal data from Vanguard Defense Industries, a Texas-based aerospace and defense ?rm ( ).

22 August 2011 – Alleged LulzSec hacker Recursion / Cody Kretsinger arrested for Sony Hack ( )

29 August 2011 – Private logs show just how SABU mined Anons and afliated-individuals for information on ops ( )

gAtO –As you said [Retracted] it’s “we the people not you and your people” I cannot stop you from taking a gun and blowing your head off —it may be illegal— but are they gonna arrest me after I blow my brains out. Look at assisted Suicide I don’t agree but if you move to Oregon it’s ok. It’s we the people and at a local level if you put the power at the Federal level then the FBI can do what it just did, control a person in an illegal operation and tell them to commit crimes in the name of justice. Sorry that’s not the way democracy works I think but I may be wrong To me rules that every one follows by everyone. Not just the rich and powerful, but everyone.

17 September 2011 – SABU returns to Twitter after a month-long

hiatus ( Upon return, he works again to funnel Anons into #ANTISEC channel on Anonops IRC ( ).

21 September 2011 – SABU uses in?uence to kill Anonymous attempts to DDoS Wall Street ?rms ( | ).

 23 September 2011 – SABU engages in an IAMA marathon on Reddit ( ). Notable Questions and Responses include:

Q: What advice would you give new hackers? ?

A: Stick to yourselves. If you are in a crew – k

eep your opsec up 24/7. Friends will try to take you down if they have to.

Q: What does being apart of Anonymous mean to you?

A: No leaders. No hierachy. No cointelpro drama. And we are a living, moving mass

of like-minded individuals. Powerful2me.

Q: Do you have a ‘normal’ online persona with a ‘normal’ Facebook pro?le and Twitter account and the AnonymouSABU is like a double life no one knows about?

A: Honestly I really have no online persona. I’m so burnt out with the internet from the last decade that I dont need one.

16 October 2011 – SABU incites people to take back their rights “by any means necessary( ).

 26 October 2011 – SABU calls on ANTISEC and other hackers worldwide to respond to police…and to visit the #ANTISEC channel in Anonops IRC ( ).

 18 November 2011 – To protest police brutality at Occupy, ANTISEC (1) hacks and dumps Internationa l Association of Chiefs of Police and (2) defaces Boston, Massachusets Police website ( )

 18 November 2011 – SABU pushes ANTISEC #FFF dump on Twitter( |

 December 2011 – Talk spreads among Anons that Sabu is actively recruiting people into ANTISEC. One such account, as published in the NYT after the SABU revelations last week:

 3 December 2011 – SABU incites hackers to focus on speci?c surveillance companies as targets ( | ).

8 December 2011 – SABU issues Twitter threat to federal contractors(  ). Fear-mongering?

12 December 2011 – SABU de?nes ANTISEC ( )

20 December 2011 – SABU decries snitches as “a cancer in our society” ( ) <– LOL!

23 December 2011 – SABU repeatedly solicits leaks/vulns/data from people via Twitter ( http:/ | |  ).

 24-26 December 2011 – As part of LulzXmas festivities, ANTISEC claim hack of US global thinktank Stratfor. 860,000 e-mail addresses, 75,000 unencrypted credit card numbers stolen and later released publicly ( | | ) Deface mirror:

27 December 2011 – SABU takes full credit for HBGary hack on Twitter ( ).

29 December 2011 – ANTISEC hacks and dumps data of law enforcement supplier ( )

 1 January 2012 – ANTISEC hacks and dumps California State Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA). Mirror: . Also hacks and dumps New York State Association of Chiefs of Police (

 1 January 2012 – SABU threatens whitehats and law enforcementagencies (LEAs) on Twitter (

 6 January 2012 – SABU encourages people to mirror and spread the Norton src leaks ( ).

 16 January 2012 – SABU inciting cyberwar ( ).

20 January 2012SABU incites people to focus not on tango downs, but more serious hacks, including: online ordering, shops, ad-servers, CDN servers ( ).

 20 January 2012 – SABU incites people to unlawful downloading and copyright violations via illegal downloads ( ).

 21 January 2012 – SABU names anti-piracy sites and similar organisations as “targets” ( ).

 30 January 2012 – SABU incites “hackers around the world” to use their “skills to disrupt the governments communications” ( ).

3 February 2012 – ANTISEC defaces site of Puckett and Faraj law ?rm to protest Haditha massacre verdict. Law ?rm mail is leaked ( Mirror:

3 February 2012 – ANTISEC releases an intercepted FBI conference call on Anonymous investigation ( ).

17 February 2012 – ANTISEC hacks and pwns FTC websites ( )

21 February 2012 – SABU tweets, “While we burn down their banks,we will burn down their websites.” ( ).

22 February 2012 – SABU spreads possible disinfo about AnonymousAustria (http://goo.glNlyLI |  | )

24 February 2012 – SABU provides unsolicited FTP credentials and root access for 6 Brazillian government websites to AntiSec hackers ( )

 6 March 2012Six alleged Anonymous and LulzSec hackers arrested:

(1) Ryan Ackroyd / Kayla

(2) Jake Davis / Topiary

(3) Darren Martyn / pwnsauce

(4) Donncha O’Cearrbhail /palladium

(5) Jeremy Hammond / Anarchaos/sup_g

(6) Hector Monsegur / Sabu

Relevant Court Filings to 6 March Arrests:

(1) Indictment against Hector Xavier Monsegur ?led in the United States District Court Southern District of New York:

(2) Hector Xavier Monsegur waiver of indictment in return for

cooperation with government:

(3) Indictments ?led in the United States District Court Southern District of New York against Ryan Ackroyd, Jake Davis, Darrent Martyn, and Donncha O’Cearrbhail:

(4) Amended complaint against Donncha O’Cearrbhail:

(5) Sealed complaint against Jeremy Hammond:



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