Huawei Spying on Customer

Huawei - Mitt Romney's Bain Capital sold out 3Com to the Chinese

gAtO wRoTe – about the Chinese company Huawei (Shenzhen, China-based company) a long time ago with it’s ties to Rick Perry the governor of Texas and ex-Presidential bid and Mitt Romney’s company Bain Capital that sold out 3Com and sold our national secrets to them. Now it finally falls on Australia to take the first step WHEN electoral fortunes are fading a good “reds under the beds” story can boost political stocks, but the row about Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei being barred from supplying equipment to the National Broadband Network puts a new twist on an old tactic. Generally it’s the Right that beats the red peril drum. Here in Australia it’s a Labor government claiming the NBN is too vital a piece of national infrastructure to be put at risk by buying equipment from China.

Huawei, which is second only to Sweden’s Ericsson in telecom equipment sales, was blocked on Monday from bidding on a $36 billion Australian national broadband contract. Security firm Symantec (SYMC, Fortune 500) ended in November because of Symantec’s concerns that its relationship with Huawei would prevent it from getting a sensitive U.S. government security contract.

Will this be the tipping point were we America stands up and see’s pass the profits and starts with looking at our nations cyber security survival. We hear that DHS and NSA and everyone is pushing for dollars $$ to fix our infrastructure but when will we start to stop the Chinese from stealing our intellectual capital that has made America great. Politicians need to take a look at what is the real problem like Rick Perry allowing dozens of Chinese companies to set up shop in Texas and claiming that they have such a great employment record at the cost of our national security.

gAtO is sad that we see the veterans of our great country without a job when we could be investing in Cyber Security training our young veterans in this field. Veterans have vital experience but as gAtO has found out personally the VA has a problem with allowing our veterans to get an education in this vital field of Internet Security. I like China don’t get me wrong and some of the accusation about China I suspect is nothing more that a scare tactic to get funding for political pet project. But if we start to training our veterans and anyone who wants this training we will not lose the cyber war- gAtO oUt 


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