nMap Project -Google Summer Camp

Hi Folks.  I'm happy to announce that the Nmap Project has again been
accepted into the Google Summer of Code program.  This innovative and
extraordinarily generous program provides $5,000 stipends to college
and graduate students who want to spend the summer improving Nmap!
They gain valuable experience, get paid, strengthen their résumé, and
write code for millions of users.

Previous SoC students helped create the Nmap Scripting Engine, Ncat,
and the Zenmap GUI.  Several even became top developers!  But I need
your help to get the word out to top candidates.  So if you know any
college/grad students (or are one) who might be interested, please
point them to our project ideas page at http://nmap.org/soc/.  Feel
free to post this to any lists or forums that talented students might
read.  But hurry, because the application deadline is THIS FRIDAY at
Noon (U.S. Pacific Time)!  That is 19:00 UTC.


PS: We're also working on a major new Nmap release, but I'll send
    details on that in a couple weeks when it is ready.

PPS: Trinity has signed up as our new Facebook cover model!  You can
     get more Nmap news by following us at:


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