How To the Deep Web

gAtO was-  asked by a friend how do I go into the deep web safely? I wrote this for that person I hope it help others:

I understand I was scared to go into the .onion myself but have found that it has a wealth of information yes about the good the bad and the ugly. For a security researcher It’s a gold mine to gather intelligence.

First step Tools:

I suggest a Mac or linux but even a windows box will work. I don’t use my windows machine because I have found that it leaks  too information and I want to be silent and observe and not be noticed.

If you really want to shield yourself go thru a VPN first. Personally you don’t need this unless your going into attack mode then you want to be really shielded.

Next –

You can use Tails which is a Ram Drive to boot from any machine this does not leave a trace on your computer and I am sure that smart bad guy’s use this, but I use – because I want the logs of my adventures for research.

Once the Tor Bundle is installed it comes with it’s own Firefox… Use their version, why because the regular version of firefox has plugins and what-nots and this is what leaks and like I said I want to be silent.

Warning: if you do find a say PDF or a DOC file click on it  — it will ask you if you want to launch Acrobat say yes, then only SAVE the FILE- Do not open it right in the browser like you would in the clearWeb. Once again information leaks. Save the file and open it separately I know I’m paranoid but I like to be very safe.

Once Vadalia starts it will also launches the (ToR) Firefox  browser will open and I would suggest go to:

Tor Check <

this will give you your new IP and user info:  Warning: always use SSL the bundle gives you that choice.

I double check myself all the time on my site:

you will see below the spinning world your user information like your IP address check you will see that your IP in the clear web is different from the IP in the Deep-Web.

I gave you that page from my site since I use it all the time I have lots of ToR sites on this page.

Cleaned Hidden Wiki should be a good starting point for your adventures:


This should get you started inside the .onion safely. Inside you will find that it is slow like the old day (modem slow) ha -ha

Warning: Some caution CP= child porn — PD is pedophile so be careful it’s these sick shit and these are some of the scum I would like to fuck-up but that’s another conversation. Lot’s of places have a login first – register as a throw away name and password unless you want an ID inside the .onion on that site. On every site you can register as a different user name so keep a log if you want to save your usernames for later…

ToR is slow and time consuming but there is lot’s inside for intelligence, the (ToR-Firefox) browser in Vadalia will work on the .onion web as well as the clearWeb.

Sorry for the long re-write but I wanted to give you the best advice I can and safety. There is so much more I could go on and on but I’m sure you will begin to see it’s full of information and crap. That’s the nature of the beast. I hope this helps…gAtO oUt


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