Latino Anonymous Phenomenon

gAtO hAs– been following the Anonymous Phenomenon since it began a few years ago but gATO have also seen this year especially an ever increasing Latino flavor to Anonymous. As the Arab spring has taught people that are oppressed to band together and fight Latino Nations have also been targeted more and more. I know

ViVa CYbEr LaTiNos

that Latino Nations like Brazil has a great digital infrastructure and it’s a fact that as more and more countries integrate their digital infrastructure to support business and commerce the population have also adapted to this especially in the Smart-Phone and game console market. These devices have enabled many who were digitally oppressed to venture into the web. As we move into the digital world we of course become more vulnerable to the pit-falls of the web.

bIg mEoWs 2 LaTiNoS – I am glad that we are doing something online to make it a better world

gAtO is Latino born and I can tell you in some Latin Nations the government is oppressive so I can see why Anonymous and hacktavism is attractive and we see this phenomenon all over pasterbin more and more posting of the “el presidente” and such get hacked. Below I have included some of the current hacks – Columbia, Mexico, Spain and Brazil all kinds of latinos have banned under the Anonymous umbrella and learned that together they can fight to change their country and the world. Another thing is Latinas (yes the ladies) are more and more pressing the hacks and “Tango Down” has become not only a dance but a chance to feel strong, to feel free and empowered to do better for their families and friends  -gAtO oUt


Web Hive Operation Colombia”>



Mexico helps Colombia hackers




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