How To Spy on Mobile Devices

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How to spy on a mobile

Following the broadcast of the show Forbidden zone April 10, 2011 on M6 treating the subject of monitoring in general (domestic, employees, children …), I received many questions on my blog software presented on video or more broadly the tools to monitor anyone with a phone that is like iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other …

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Indeed, in the first part of the show, there are two men who installed monitoring software on the phones of their respective spouses. Before I give you an overview of the software used, it is important to note that these monitoring tools for mobile (or PC as SniperSpy ) are not only used for monitoring a spouse, they can be used to monitor their children for whom it is of concern, an employee to ensure loyalty to the company or the use he makes of his professional portable … This software can also be a way to be sure of finding his personal data, secure or locate his mobile in case of loss or theft.

To return the software presented, it is software Global GSM Control (French version of the software well known Flexispy ) and Mobile Spy (also known as Flexispy).

Be aware that these programs are very powerful and work in the background and are completely invisible on the monitored cell. They are compatible with many cell phone.

Each of these two software offers a range of diverse and varied features and prices obviously depend on the number of these features but also the duration of the subscription selected. Indeed, you can choose from subscriptions of 3 months, 6 or year for Mobile Spy , Global GSM Control meanwhile offers three versions and a license valid for 12 months (no subscription. Prices for these 2 software is reasonable in the proposed monitoring capability but also the price adjustment at the user’s need in terms of usage time he wants.

To return to the features, you must know that Global GSM Control is a monitoring tool for mobile phones more complete than SPY Mobile. Depending on version, it offers as an example a very powerful feature that is listening environment or listening live telephone conversations. Mobile Spy and Global GSM Control , as mentioned earlier, offer several modules adapted to the needs of each and budget. Among the features are cited: access to Email and SMS sent and received even those that were deleted, consultation with videos and photos stored on the phones, access to call history, GPS … For more details on features, I suggest you go to articles about each program ( GSM Global Control , Mobile Spy )

Note that to use for an iPhone, you need to jailbreak (Only the iPhone).

The blog presents only the software I tested and for which I have had positive feedback from users …

Feel free to visit the other blog posts for information and more information on these two latest software, or more generally on all the tools on the market and ESPECIALLY to know the users’ comments and avoid getting scammed .

Many people often ask me what my blog is the best spyware for a mobile phone?

I must say there is a wide selection online. A Google search will show at least a half dozen companies claiming to sell the best spyware!

For those of you who really want to know and get the spyware that stands as the best spyware

market, covering a range of features, the answer is simply the Global GSM Control software, the French equivalent (with online support and well detailed manuals in French) English Flexispy Software, best known on the market.

Global GSM Control you will, with his power, to do a lot of impressive things with the multitude of features it offers. Depending on your needs, Global GSM Control offers versions with the bare minimum of features espionage until the most complete version offering an arsenal of powerful tools. For you to assess your needs and make your choice!

In general, the features offered by the versions are:
(For more details on the contents of each version of Global GSM Control, visit the official website ):

* Interception of calls in progress * Listen environmental
* Spy SMS and Email
* The GPS Location

* Location Triangulation (without GPS you can know the position of the target phone with an accuracy of 5 to 10m)
* Read the Call Logs
Relay * Email (sending reports to your email address)

* Notification of change of SIM card (In case of change of the target phone SIM card, software GGC send you the new number via SMS so you can continue your spying)
* Control and configuration remotely with SMS commands (all software functions GGC are activated / deactivated remotely via SMS commands coded invisible, the frequency of sending the captured data and also configurable via SMS)

* Export reports
* Uninstall remotely via an SMS command
* Change unlimited phone target
* Quick and easy installation (5 to 10 minutes)
* Free updates
* 100% undetectable
* Copy cats BlackBerry Messenger
* Interception and copy cats WhatsApp Messenger (New! for iPhones and Android phones)
* Support in French competent and highly reactive
* Secured Personal Web Account

In view of all these features, its performance, manuals and quality of its support in French, the software is up to investment. Moreover, like any software for which I wrote an article on the blog, my test results on my iPhone were more than satisfactory, I will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Mobile Spy: the first spy iphone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and iPad

  1. Monitor the location of the target using the iPhone GPS thereof.
  2. Read:Text messages (incoming and outgoing)The call history (incoming and outgoing) Em ails
    The list of visited websites
    List of Contacts

    All this information … will be visible via a secure website with SSL technology.

How does it work?

Mobile Spy how it works

Dashboard: Web site whose identifiers are assigned at the purchase of Mobile Spy on which you can view all the data collected.

Once installed on an iPhone, Mobile Spy runs in invisible mode and no indication is given on the iPhone target. This SPYPhone runs in the background behind all other iPhone applications. Then all the activities of the iPhone are registered and silently sent to the user’s account. This information is viewable in real time as they are recorded including the full content of text messages, call records and GPS positions.

HOW MUCH does it cost? And where to buy?

1) annual license (12 months) for $ 99.97
2) semi-annual license (6 months) for $ 69.97 3) Quarterly License (3 months) for $ 49.97

NB: Mobile Spy is also available (with the same functionality) to:

All Windows Mobile phones
All Symbian phones (LG, Nokia, Samsung …) All Android phones
And now the brand new Apple iPad

PS: -> When you buy an annual license of Mobile Spy ($ 99.97), the PC Spy Sniper is offered. Sniper Spy is a spy software for PC that secretly records every keystroke, chat, moved to distance (you do not need access to the computer you want to spy), and control the target PC time real. (This allows you to spy on a PC in real time. Download files, view the browsing history, etc.).

iPhone Spy 4

UPDATE> November 8, 2010: The new software Global GSM Control is now compatible with iPhone 4 and with the functionality of listening environment and interception of live calls!

Mobile Spy ( ) today announced the immediate availability of their iPhone spy software 4.

If you want to spy on an iPhone 4, Mobile Spy is the first software on the market today that supports the new iPhone 4. This was actually a lot of time considering the fact that the iPhone 4 was marketed about five months ago.

I know many readers have long sought an application that supports the iPhone 4. At least their wait is finally over.

So what are the features of Mobile Spy for iPhone 4?

The main features that I’ve tested:

GPS tracking – This feature allows you to secretly locate the iPhone 4 in real time. The results are then displayed on a map.

Secretly Read the SM S – With this feature you will be able to read all incoming and outgoing SMS. This works even if messages are deleted after they are read.

Secretly read emails – Mobile Spy software also allows you to read the incoming and outgoing emails. This also works even if the emails are deleted.

Secretly see the pictures – This feature allows you to view all photos taken by the iPhone 4.

View call logs – This lets you view all your call logs on the iPhone 4. Incoming, outgoing, caller name associated with the number in the address book, time and date.

See the history of web browser – see the URLs of websites visited by the user of the iPhone.

See the Contact List – This feature of Mobile Spy, you will be able to view all contacts stored on the iPhone 4.

Other points to note are:

The software operates in 100% undetectable. This means that the user of the iPhone 4 has no idea that Mobile Spy is installed.
The iPhone 4 MUST be jailbroken. To use Mobile Spy. This is now very easy to do and only takes a few minutes (see HERE how).

The iPhone 4 requires an Internet subscription. To download the information recorded.


HERE (avoid buying Mobile Spy on other sites because there are many scam right now on e t n)

HOW MUCH does it cost?
1) Annual license (12 months) => $ 99.97 (annual version includes a free copy of their most

popular monitoring software for PC – Sniper Spy )
2) License semester (6 months) => $ 69.97
3) Quarterly License (3 months) => $ 49.97
NB: Mobile Spy is also available (with the same functionality) to:

The Blackberry
All Android phone
All Windows Mobile phones

All Symbian phones (LG, Nokia, Samsung …

And the new iPad

See if Mobile Spy is compatible with your phone HERE
Mobile Spy’s competitors are: software Global GSM Control (the most powerful spy software market) and Flexispy

SniperSpy 7

How are you able to record and track all activities on a PC remotely
make screen captures, record all conversations (MSN, YAHOO, GMAIL …) or exchange with the opportunity to achieve all this in real time, so live? Now you can with SniperSpy.

Personally, what I have enjoyed in this product is being able to watch live
what happens on the pc. with this feature, I can spy on the pc of my choice in remote connecting with the secure control panel and clicking on Live Control Panel.

I can then view and display all the recent documents, scan them, see what happens on the remote pc and better than that, I can download it from this pc.

One last thing and the most brilliant, SniperSpy offers the possibility of remote installation, which means that you will be able to install SniperSpy on any PC in the world.

* Product: SniperSpy
* Compatible with: Windows (98/98SE/ME/XP/NT/2000/Vista/windows 7) + MAC * Price: from $ 39.97 (~ € 32)
* Website Official

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Spy on a laptop with SpyBubble


Here is a tested software that I wanted for some time for you to look back on its use. This is just my own assessment of the software. If you want more information or download the software, click the following link which will direct you to the official website

Through this article you will have access to the details of what can SpyBubble and answer the most important question: is it really works in comparison with the best known software market: GSM Control Globlal , Mobile Spy, or Flexispy Mobistealth. Then you will know before making your purchase if Spybubble matches your need or not.

What does Spybubble?

Spybubble is monitoring software that allows you to watch over the safety of your children, make sure you trust that you show your spouse, compliance with the commitments of your employees … or simply backing up data on your existing phone before you can retrieve them in case of loss, theft … This software monitors the activities of your phones and works automatically in a completely secure once installed. Below is a list of features offered by the software:

Call Monitoring: Whether incoming or outgoing, you’ll be able to find phone numbers, to get an idea of the frequency of these calls and to know the duration of each conversation Monitoring messages: You will be able to read all incoming and outgoing messages, even if they were deleted by the person in possession of the target phone. You can then see if your employee uses his mobile professional for personal or simply ensure the safety of your children or their surroundings

Monitor the location: SpyBubble also allows you to know and track the location of your mobile using Google Map. You will then know the exact location of the phone and then the person using it. Ideal for no longer any doubt about where your teens go …
Accessing the phone book: With this feature, you can easily inform you on the contact list stored in the phone

Undetectable software: You will benefit from these features by being certain that the software is 100% undetectable. Once installed, the software does not display an icon at the mobile.
Monitor multiple mobile: you’ll be able to monitor both unlimited mobile if you wish Spybubble is compatible with Blackberry, Android, Symbian S60, Nokia, Windows Mobile and on iPhones. It works on most smartphones on the market.

How SpyBubble?

SpyBubble uses advanced technology to record all activities of the mobile phone either text messages or phone calls. Then, the monitoring software sends this information using the internet connection of the target phone to a remote server where they are stored. You can then access them from any computer or your own mobile.

All you need to do is create your user account.

Once connected, you should install SpyBubble on the target phone by following these instructions:

Step 1: Complete your registration on the website SpyBubble. For this step, you will need to provide your IMEI number of the target phone (It occurs usually printed on a label on the phone battery. You can also post it on the screen by typing the following sequence on the keyboard : * # 06 #

Step 2: Open the Internet browser the target phone and download the software on the phone. IPhones for downloading the application is via Cydia (jailbroken iPhones need to be)
Step 3: Install the software SpyBubble by following the instructions in the Software Installation

Step 4: Restart the phone
Step 5: And connect to your personal space (the link to your personal space will be indicated in the email to purchase) to begin tracking activities.

You can also use the installation guide that will detail each step with illustrations and screen shots. This will also allow you to know exactly how to use your software.
Thus, once you have successfully installed SpyBubble on the target phone, you will be able to

monitor it.

Feature Summary SpyBubble …
• Registration of SMS sent and received
• Recording of incoming and outgoing phone calls
• Monitoring of activities on the Internet browser of the phone • GPS location to detect the location of the phone
• Access to the directory of phone contacts target
• Works anywhere in the world and 100% undetectable

To summarize the results of this test, we can say that without being as complete as Global GSM Control in terms of features offered, SpyBubble monitoring software is reliable, that works perfectly and offers the basic monitoring functionality with a good value for money.

Spyware: 5 tips before buying a GSM Spy

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If you are considering buying a spyware for mobile phones to spy on your spouse (infidelity, lies …), or keep an eye on phone use by your children or perhaps in order to monitor your employees if you have any doubts, you should make sure to follow the advice below before making your purchase.

By following the tips below, you will be able to spy on your target and achieve your goals but if you neglect any of the advice, you will end up spending much money or being noticed by the person you were hoping spy.

Tip / Council No. 1: Make sure you have access to the target phone. There is no way you can install spyware without having physical access to the target phone. This is precisely the question asked by a number most people wishing to purchase a spyware: they always want to know if it is possible to install spyware without physical access to the target phone. Unfortunately, no matter what you hear, the answer is always NO, it’s impossible. If you come across a company selling this type of software which tells you that this is possible, I strongly advise you to close your browser and do not revisit their website because you will rip.

Tip / Council No. 2: Always make sure your target phone is a compatible phone. For a complete list of phones with spyware (mobile SPY here , Flexispy here , Global GSM Control here ) . Take the time necessary to verify that the phone of your target is on the list of phones that can support spyware. If your target has a phone that just came out, you will not just be able to find it in the list of phones accepting spyware. What you can do then is to perform a quick search on Google All you have to do is perform a quick Google search on the phone in question and see its features. If you see Symbian, Windows Mobile listed as operating system, then you will be sure you do not fool yourself by buying the spyware. If you are still unsure, contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Tip / Council No. 3: Always make sure your target phone has an Internet connection to the information that the spyware records can be transferred and loaded onto your online account you set when you purchase the software. However, you will not need to ask all these questions because, to install the spyware, you will need to download it to your target phone and hence to have an internet connection for this purpose. Without an internet connection, this will not be possible. The good news is that nowadays, most phones have a connection and it is likely that your phone is also the target. You can verify this by simply asking the owner of the target phone to log Internet by going to the browser or google search a site like Ebay, Amazon, etc. … and if possible, then you have nothing to fear.

Tip / Council No. 4: You should also ask: are you able or comfortable with installing a phone application?. Install spy software for mobile is not an inherently difficult task but it requires a certain familiarity in terms of installing software or applications. You must ensure that you will not hurt to download software, install it, configure it to meet your needs. This process or these tasks will ask only 10 to 15 minutes total, maybe a little more for someone who uses it for the first time. In addition, make sure you take the time to read the installation instructions before you start handling the spyware to install on your target phone. Following this advice, you can identify the elements that you do not understand or that you are not comfortable and you can seek clarification by asking for advice or information to the software vendor.

Tip / Council No. 5: Make sure you know exactly what you need to achieve your goals. One thing that comes up quite often, is that most people are generally satisfied with the information they access with their spyware. However, they demand ever more desperate to find and market a spyware offering more features espionage. Therefore it is essential to know what you really need to achieve your goals. By purchasing a spyware, you want to monitor your spouse or partner because you doubt his sincerity? If yes, what do you exactly need to prove or disprove your suspicions? Do you need to hear live conversations? Or you will be content to simply read the incoming and outgoing messages in the target phone? Only you can provide answers to these questions. So before you spend a penny, make sure you know your needs. In pursuing this thought, you do not you break head to want to install a new software version and save your money.

If you follow the tips above, you will be safe in buying the spyware to make the right choice, a choice for your needs. When you decide to buy spyware, make sure you choose software sold by market leader in the sale of spyware. The companies listed below, are the sole suppliers of spy phone software in leading position in this market. Their software works perfectly well and are satisfactory for all who have ever used. These leaders are also known for their quality of service towards clients and their availability to answer all your questions and ensure the operation of their software.

Features offered:

Interception of calls in progress, Interception of calls in progress, Environmental Listen, Reading SMS, The Email, The GPS Location, Location by Triangulation (without GPS you can know the position of the target phone with an accuracy of 5 to 10m), Read The Call Logs, Email Relay (reports are sent to your email address), Notification of SIM change, Remote control with SMS commands, Export reports, Remote Uninstall, Change unlimited target phone, Updates day free, 100% undetectable, copy cats BlackBerry Messenger, Personal Web Account Secure

Great customer service, a money back guarantee within 7 days if dissatisfied.

Functions offered: Monitoring with GPS tracking, SMS interception, and view history of calls, emails, photos 100% undetectable. …

The ability to monitor multiple phones.

A money back guarantee within 30 days (if the support of the company can not run the software on your phone)

The spyware SniperSpy PC for free (including the ability to install remote control of PC Live, and more …) if you buy an annual license of Mobile Spy software.

Price: $ 49.97 – $ 99.97 USD

Link: click here

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Blackberry Messenger Spy

I have good news for all those who have long sought a way to monitor BlackBerry Messenger chats. The spyware Global GSM Version Control Black ( now allows you to spy and secretly read chat history of BlackBerry Messenger. Before this release, it was very difficult to read secretly cats BlackBerry Messenger, but with the new Global GSM Control software, the Log Reader cats BlackBerry Messenger is now a reality.

Below is the full list of all the features available on the Global GSM Software Version Control Black:

Reading Cats BlackBerry Messenger: this feature of Global Black GSM Control allows you to secretly read all of BlackBerry Messenger conversations.

The interception of calls live: it allows you to listen quietly and live calls made and received.

Remote monitoring: with this feature you can turn your phone into a listening environment of the Blackberry phone remotely.
Reading emails: to read all incoming and outgoing emails from BlackBerry target.

GPS tracking: to track the location of the BlackBerry in real time.

Read secret SMS messages: to read all incoming and outgoing SMS from the target phone.

Viewing Call Logs: you will see the history of all call logs.

Notification of SIM change: If the BlackBerry target different SIM card, you will receive an SMS notification indicating the new number.

Spyware 100% undetectable: Global GSM Control works quietly without icons or folders on the BlackBerry visible target.

Warranty: Global GSM Control Black comes with a warranty 7 day money back guarantee HOW MUCH does it cost? € 320
URL: the gsm spy Flexispy is now available for iPhone 2G 3G 4G and the new 3Gs 4Gs!

Flexispy supports the full range of iPhones. This means you can now spy on the new iPhone 4Gs but also the old iphone 2G.

Here is a list of characteristics Flexispy iPhone:

* Intercept SMS. (Secretly records all SMS sent and received from the iPhone)
* The GPS location. (Hunt for the target location by GPS. This works on the 3G models 3Gs 4 and 4s)
* Interception of Emails. (Read secretly all incoming and outgoing emails from the iPhone)
* Remote control. (You can use SMS commands to control the phone remotely)
* Quick and easy installation. (Flexispy installation is very simple. Just download the software directly spy on the iPhone. No computer or cable required)

* Notification of SIM change
* The listening environment (When GSM is connected but is not being used, you can call the iphone, one will win automatically and will let you hear around the phone without this being visible to stakeholders present around the phone.)
* Interception of live calls (When the GSM communication, will send an SMS to notify you. Then you just have to call the GSM communication to secretly listen and direct).

Cost is from $ 149 (Flexispy LIGHT)
For more information or to buy ter Flexispy click here

Competitors are Flexispy: SPY Mobile , MobiStealth , and the new software Global GSM Control (the most powerful spy software market)

NB: Flexispy is also available (with the same functionality) to:

All Windows Mobile phones
All Symbian phones (LG, Nokia, Samsung …) All Android phones

I just downloaded my own copy, so I will test this spy gsm iPhone in the coming days to follow …

Have you heard of software called by many names, including:

E-stealth Blue Stealth PhoneStealth

BlueW are Cell Spy ClubMZ Arsenal

BigDaddySpy Bluetooth Spy
The and other sites selling this product scam.

Check out some of the claims of E-Stealth.

1. It is compatible with any phone.
2. They say they do not explicitly support
3. They have a zero refund policy!
4. If you request a refund of your money, they say they can sue you for $ 10,000 you 5. The screenshots of their product is actually that of another product.

1 and 5 are in fact lies, and even their own manual says that all phones are not supported. The other points are illegal because they require you to waive your rights as a consumer.

What they do not tell you: They sell all just a set of free utilities from 2003. Even if your phone run the software, the phone you want to spy * must * accept a Bluetooth connection whenever you want to spy. That will never happen.

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