cracking encrypted admin password hashparty

gAtO fOuNd – this site in the .onion network. It a site were people get together and help others crack MD5 passwords hash. Since we know that MD5 is broken I don’t know why anyone would use this technology. There are many sites that allow you to crack MD5 hash (in the clearWeb) so for it to be inside ToR what’s the difference. It’s a community things and you get credits and “Cyber Fame” other can pat your back – gAtO oUt

Home of hashparty, the blackhat hash cracking feast!

Hello anonymous cyberpunk,

This site is here to help you cracking that one-way-encrypted admin password you want so badly.

How it works

When you register (which you only need a username and a hopefully strong password for), you get a starting contingent of 10 credits, meaning 10 hashes that you may add to the list where other hackers will try to crack them for you. If you want to add more hashes to the list, you need to close the circle by helping others cracking their hashes. For each cracked hash you get a number of credits which depends on the complexity and the “age” of the password. (For example, if you crack a loweralpha password with 8 characters that freshly arived on the list, you will get around 3 credits. If you crack a mixalphanumeric password with a length of 9 that has been around for some time, you will get between 8 and 24 credits.)

Because this service is dedicated to the sneaky, passionate attackers who want to stay undetected (and because I want to stay undetected, too), it is by now only reachable via the i2p darknet and as a TOR hidden service (addresses see below). However, since it lives from its user base and since you will also get better results the more people participate in the hashparty, I would like to encourage you to tell your fellow hackers about it.

By now, supported algorithms are: LM, LM (double), MD2, MD4, MD5, NTLM, SHA1, RIPEMD, MYSQL-SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, MSCASH

More might be added in the future, use Contact if you’re missing one.

What to do

To start the party, hit Register. Let the rooting begin! 🙂



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