Dear Tor Mail User

Dear Tor Mail User,

Early this morning, April 20, our domain registrar suspended the domain
The reason they gave is because they require us to submit ID documents to them,
apostilized and certified by the Russian Embassy.
We are unable to do this to protect our own identity, and also this request is very
unusual and suspicious.
They have further refused to unlock the domain and allow us to transfer it to a
different registrar.

We have filed a complaint with ICANN as per the domain transfer rules, they are not
allowed to do this.
As it is the weekend, we probably wont get a response until next week, and even to
transfer a domain normally takes about a week to be completed.
For this reason, at the earliest we can hope for is to have the domain back within
two weeks.
It is possible the domain is gone for good and it may not be possible to get it back.

Up until two months ago, the domain was registered with a USA company, Moniker domains.
They were great and we had no problems with them, but with the recent domain
seizures we decided to move the domain offshore.
It appears this was a big mistake, the Russian providers are much worse!

The chances of getting the domain back does not look good, and even if we get it
back it will take a long time.
For that reason we have registered a new domain name and will use that
one to continue the service.
If we do get the domain back, we will change back to using that one.

Every user who had a address now has the same address
Your new email address is: http://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion/

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we were taken by surprise by this and had no time
to avoid it.


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