Will .China Mobile. Spy on U.S?

gAtO wAs- reading Stan Abrams a lawyer and professor in Beijing, China article about “Will China Mobile Get It’s U.S. License Approved? – http://www.businessinsider.com/will-china-mobile-get-its-us-license-approved-2012-5 the FCC “Team Telecom” has all the power in this deal. This is simple when a foreign ownership wants to come into our telecom world we want the DHS, DOJ, FBI DoD to investigate them for backdoor into the infrastructure that no virus scan can detect- in the hardware and firmware….

This is a big deal, we gave the OK a few years ago to China Telecom and China Unicom similar licenses in 2002-03. Why the big deal now. Well the last few years China has increased it’s attacks on U.S companies sucking in their IP (-Intellectual Properties). To top things off Huawei just got turned down down-under in Australia to allow it to come into their Telecom network. Once again when you give access to our telecom network we are giving them the key to all our information. Now keep in mind that we still have over 60-70% of our government C&C (Command and Control) running on our public Internet pipelines. Back a few years ago China re-routed over 15% of all the Internet traffic thru their routers. While we developed a kill switch to isolate us from the rest of the world and do a reset. Anyway the FCC has a lot of power that no one knows about check out there liaison activities list below it quite interesting.


Okay, reality check time. I doubt that China Mobile would want the type of scrutiny that a court case would mandate, so I don’t expect a formal challenge to a rejection from “Team Telecom.” Certainly Beijing doesn’t want China Mobile to disclose to anyone what it is required by Chinese law to do with data on its networks (hint: government monitoring). Moreover, the U.S. national security apparatus certainly wouldn’t want to disclose what it knows to the “other side” (i.e. China). And at the end of the day, neither side wishes to disclose any of this to the general public.



If they turn China Mobile down and it’s contested it would be good to see what evidence the U.S. Government has to say “we believe this company is spying on us with these backdoors they put in”.  Yeah in an election year it’s going to get hot with China if they play a bad boy I think Obama may have to show them what we can really do in cyber space -gAtO oUt


FCC Homeland Security – Liaison Activities http://transition.fcc.gov/pshs/docs/liaison.pdf

Read more: http://www.chinahearsay.com/will-china-mobile-get-its-u-s-license-approved/#ixzz1uBhPIJEt

CodeName Tempest http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TEMPEST


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