Russia’s Million Dollar Hackers

“Few nationalities are as good at making money from hacking than the Russians. Their share of the global cyber crime market, an estimated $12.5 billion black market, doubled last year to $4.5 billion, according to Moscow-based Group-IB, a cyber security services firm working mainly with the Russian government and banks to help reduce online fraud (See infographics here*). The Russians are hacking into your computer and your cell phone and they’re making millions as a result… Not all hacking is intolerable, or illegal. But a lot of it is, and the Russian computer geniuses walk the red carpet within the international hacker community. On the A-list of Russia’s multi-million dollar spammers and online fraudsters include the talents of Koobface members Stanislav Avdeyko (aka leDed); Alexander Koltyshev (Floppy), Anton Korotchenko (KrotReal), Roman P. Koturbach (PoMuc), Svyatoslav Polichuck (PsycoMan). That’s just the now defunct Koobface posse. There’s also Vladislav Khorokhorin (aka BadB), the 30 year old Russian who lived in Israel and ran the online stores and specializing in sale of compromised data of bank card users. He’s been at it for more than 8 years on the front lines of credit card fraud… Traditional crime syndicates are beginning to organize the previously disorganized Russian cybercrime market. In addition, these crime syndicates are beginning to work more closely together, sharing compromised data, botnets, and cashing schemes… in 2011, the largest type of Russian cybercrime was online fraud valued at $942 million; followed by spam at $830 million; cybercrime to cybercrime, or C2C (including services for anonymization and sale of traffic, exploits, malware, and loaders) at $230 million; and Denial of Service attacks, or DDoS, valued at $130 million.”



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