Is AnonymousIRC TangoDown?

IS AnonymousIRC TangoDown

 AnonymousIRC gAtO hAs – been looking for tweets from #anonyonusIRC and nothing – For the last 7 days AnonymousIRC has been off the tweet. Maybe a holiday, maybe busy Twitter Diet:
All we know is that the last tweet was:

The Message From France To Nicolas Sarkozy: “Casse-Toi Pauv’Con” #Anonymous #RadioLondres #Hadopi #Loppsi #ACTA #CISPA

2:18 PM Sun May 06 2012 · LulzTweeter


and the last retweet came @


Fact: Right now, #Merkel is sitting in her office, getting drunk and saying “France is gone, Greece is lost, where is Keitel?” #Downfall

2:46 PM Sun May 06 2012 · LulzTweeter

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So were is AnonymousIRC now- nobody knows all we know is on a nice Sunday afternoon about 1446 they last re-tweeted and left the world. Of source is you check out the twitter search for AnonymousIRC there are lots of mentions but no clue from them. Has another fallen Anonymous hero fallen like SaBu, will they come back again and try to do the same thing that SaBu did. We all await AnonymousIRC an to see what they have to say. -gAtO oUt


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