LulzSec Court Date Postponed

#FreeTopiary #FreeKayla #FreeCleary #Freetflow

Accused hackers Jake Davis, Ryan Cleary and Ryan Ackroyd will enter pleas now on 25 June. Postponed again.

The prosecution said “at least one” of the four alleged hackers who appeared today is likely to contest the charges against them.

Ackroyd (kayla) had his bail conditions changed. No longer has to check in at police stn 3 times weekly. Now has tag + curfew 9pm-7am.

Jake Davis (alleged “Topiary”) was handed a book outside court by 2 Anons who travelled 80 miles by bus & waited 5 hrs to see him.

The book the two Anons gave to Davis was the latest by David Icke He said “thanks anons” & walked on.

Before Davis walked outside, he paused briefly in court lobby to put on sunglasses. Had on navy suit & tie w/ colourful trainers.

Pic of two Anons who gave Davis book & waited 5 hrs outside court to support accused LulzSec & Anonymous hackers

17 y/o accused hacker (tflow) who can’t be named tried (& failed) to get bail cond changed allowing internet access for school exam study.

The reason for the postponement, if not obvious, is that cases against the hackers very “complicated” & taking time to finalise.

Credit goes to rj_gallagher!/rj_gallagher

Court date postponed again


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