gAtOmAlO2 is @_th3j35t3r

gAtO iS _th3j35t3r – I as soon as a friend heard the news of the th3j35t3r and  @cubespherical were at each other I went on to twitter and pick up the name. Why? As a security researcher I wanted to see if people were dumb enough to be fooled by anyone. Call it a test of a fool for the fools. Well I was surprised that people started to follow me right away, not too many fell for it but a few were confused and that is why you should always “trust but verify” .

I really don’t care what this is all about I just wanted to Social Engineer it just a wee bit to play a game of thrones. Who would suspect – who will know, who really cares. Anyway I got work to do so I need to play this out and finally come clean so I don’t have to play this game for anyone else. A few friends that I told were smiling a bit and they know I’m a lOcO gAtO so now you have it my friends. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone by this little trick, I hope you all learned something, and I did not waste 24 hours I learned what fools of Tooks they all are and remember -This is all bullShit, get over it –gAtO oUt

#th3j35t3r #cubespherical

the game goes on and on –

So, th3j35t3r is on the run. He’s rmed everything, he’s disappeared from the net. And it’s all the doing of this Smedley Manning/@cubespherical.

But who is this hero?! What manner of man is he?!

Let’s look over his brief history.

If you go to topsy and look at his tweets, he was solidly pro-Jester until recently. Then suddenly, he remembered a bar fight back in 2002, and as the internets is serious business and he was owned so badly in that fight he was still feeling butthurt aftershock tremors a decade later, he decided to toss all that on the fire and DOX THE JESTER AND KILL HIM FOREVER.

Once people paid him 20K bitcoins.


Good luck with that, Smedley.

I’ve already commented on him probably being th3j35t3r here tl;dr: th3j35t3r appears to be running some kind of half-witted psyops gambit. They both using the same OS (but different browsers, dohoho), they both speak more or less the same, both use bitcoins, the Smedley Manning account acted like a sockpuppet prior to this, the truck he posted came from a car dealer’s website (

Also, I don’t think anyone apart from th3j35t3r’s supporters (and a handful of Anons who were annoyed by him for 20 minutes) have ever actually taken him that seriously, to be honest. God forbid anyone would think his identity was worth 100K. He’s got enemies, sure, but most of the retaliation will consist of sending him hookers and pizzas; the Taliban and radical jihadists have bigger fish to fry. Taking down a website for 30 minutes and giving them free publicity by bragging about it probably isn’t going to put him on the INFIDELS WE’VE REALLY GOT TO CRUSH, WITH FIRE AND BOMBS, unless the US .gov reveal that they got Osama just before he finished recording his “th3j35t3r, NUMBER ONE ENEMY OF ISLAM” video.

Protip: They won’t.

Anyway. I don’t know what th3j35t3r is trying to accomplish with this little scheme. I strongly suspect it’s all about money, like those wristbands, and the links on his blog that must have made him a tidy dollar every time the media reported on his latest drama. I could be wrong, of course. It’s happened once before.


– From where I’m sitting, on top of my Keyboard Warrior throne, there are three likely outcomes for this, no matter what the original goal is, and I’d like to predict them right now, so that he can’t use any of them to weasel out of this.

1) He’ll reactivate his normal account and claim it was all a Psyops operation all along, and that he was tracking bitcoin usage by “bad guys”, trying to map them out and connect them to various twitter handles, or some variant of that story. It’ll be alright, though, because he’ll definitely have “donated all the money to the Wounded Warriors” project. Definitely. Totally legit. This, I suspect, may have been his original plan, but that’s just a suspicion based on his previous actions.

2) He’s going to make Smedley Manning look like a total villain, probably an Anon (like he’s doing now), and then pop up with his normal account, claim the dox was fake, and that he was gone dark in order to get enough time to notify this poor .mil dude that some crazy nemesis was after him, because he’s a hero like that. I figure this is now the mostly likely move.

3) He’s going to actually disappear. Whether it’s because he doesn’t want to disclose the truth about Saladin, whether it was all part of his plan all along, or whether he wants to run with the Smedley Manning coverstory, who knows. This is my favourite outcome.

Anyway, sit back, grab a beer, get some popcorn, and watch the Serious Business unfold. Brace for the oncoming shitstorm.



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