bitCoin Mining Scam

gAtO fOuNd -this in the (.onion network site) BlackMarket Reload (while looking into bitCoin mining. bitCoin mining is something that people are getting into and using customize scripts to use zombie computers to generate bitCoins. Using Trojan-Downloader.win32.Agent.bmzd as a starting point it is modified to give it’s own unique hash file whoch will sometimes be overlooked by virus scans.

Then the author will insert 2 miners for him and give you the rest. At least that’s what this ad tells us. Here is a clue what a scan is it say’s it does not draw CPU power and of course if you know anything about Mining bitCoins that’s how it hashes bitCoins. So I would think that it would slow down a windows machine quite a bit. Since it modeled as a legit bitCoin Miner they tell us it’s 100% undetectable, I question that part. I also see that they are using DeepBit guild instead of the BTC guild, BTC guild will give you a little higher hashes and faster.


GREED is the reason why this little scam will work. The old saying if it’s too good to be true it’s NOT true. As bitCoins become more popular we will se others come into the bitCoin mining, but think about it. You can now take over a machine and have it mine bitCoins. It’s pretty much undetectable because the zombie machine is not being use to DdOs someone or used as a spammer machine. These zombies will be noticed when the C2 (Control and Control) is caught but in this bitCoin scam the machines will not be noticed too much from the outside world just the user will have a slow ass Windows machine- let’s face it a slow Windows machine is normal, and since this is only marketed in the deepWeb not the clearWeb less people will notice- gAtO oUt

the Ad can be found in the deepWeb- http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/paste/show.php?id=169a828090203b12

Hi! I’m androd2 and in this site http://5onwnspjvuk7cwvk.onion/index.php?p=view_listing&id=2851

(The WELL known BlackMarket Reloaded)  I sell this really.. REALLY cheap.

(you must sing up to enter… just do it as customer, enter nickname..

and you’re IN! .. then enter http://5onwnspjvuk7cwvk.onion/index.php?p=view_listing&id=2851 )

As you’ll see.. I have positive feedback.. i’m not a scamming newbie.. I just wanna spread and

get people to know what I sell!

What is it? {It’s EXTREMELY well described in the item description}

.. I will paste the item description below ;).. pelase at least visit it!

100% Coded By Myself, Undetectable, Customized… and STEALTH!


Proof it is “undetectable”:

.. notice that the ONLY positive was from ByteHero ONLY.. and it is even a FALSE positive.. “Trojan-Downloader.win32.Agent.bmzd” because it doesn’t download anything. It passed ALL Antivirus.


How does it work? Well…

I make a CUSTOMIZED and UNIQUE Stealth miner exe (configured with 2 worker sessions of yours), i send it to you, and you and make your victims execute it (I can disguise it as you wish just ASK… for example I spread mine in a forum. I embedded a legitimate Windows7 activator.. and while actually activating Windows7.. it , without popup of ANY kind,it generated some files.. and starts mining)

It draws a little of GPU Power form each machine, mining for you! I’ve spread mine, and in one month now I ‘ve already Passed the 2000Mhash/s!

Excellent for posting anywhere… just make me disguise the exe! , uploading to your BOT-NET, or infect with social engineering, or, if you want to, embed a useful EXE, disguise it, and while actually executing the legitimate EXE… also installing the Silent Miner.

It’s 100% made by me. It hides itself. Auto-start with windows… NO window opened. Doesn’t draw CPU power!

The victim will not notice! No strange windows, no console popup… NOTHING!

The best part: 100% Undetectable! It’s based on a modded and legitimate GPU Miner, so it can’t be detected as VIRUS!

IT DOESN’T AUTO SPREAD ITSELF… so the key is how many victims execute this… thinking a bit you’ll came with TONS of ways (ask me to change the icon, a fake screen error, embeding a legitimate binary.. ) Thanks to that,get almost 100% invisibility to Heuristics.

Once executed by the victim.. the victim can even delete the original file..because the files are already installed!

It’s simple. All you need to give me is the data of 2 workers (recomend BIG Public Mining Pools.. for anonimity.. and quick cashout.. I used Deepbit for example) (One is backup in case the first one’s mining pool is down). That is Miner address and password {the password of the miner, not session… ask if you don’t understand this.. it’s not dangerous, because it’s the pass of the worker}. And the things you want me to do … put a custom icon? embeding a some sort of file or binary? ASK for it!

IMPORTANT: Once made the program and shipped to you, the workers address can’t be changed by ANY MEANS, because it’s embedded to the code.

I sold the first for 0.35 now it is a bit higher … Check the feedback yourself! it works! Have your Own Miner Factory… without having to spend money on hardware. With this, is extremely EASY to make much more in a day, than the price I ask for it. You’ll get that money back in NO TIME.

The price is extremely low to the Next buyers just to get positive feedbak of the product.. I’m planing to sell it for more than 2BTC or something like that. (In matter of days I got 2BTC from mine…)

. Consider this discount as a EXTREMELY good opportunity to get a 100% anonymous, decentralized, and secure way to get BTC!

CUSTOM THINGS I MAY ADD IF YOU ASK FOR (Check “Shipping options”, some of these are free, others not… if you only want the free ones,select the option one, to complete the price of the offer 🙂 ):

*Error Message – FREE {Once the victim machine executes it, you can chose it to do nothing -silent, no popup, no window, nothing-, or if you want it to be used with Social Engineering, show some sort of error message}

*Exe’s Icon – FREE {Change the icon of the file… useful for social engineering

*Embed File/Binary – 0.09BTC Extra {You can ask me to embed -you must provide it- a file, so the victim won’t suspect it’s something weird happening. For example, I embedded a USEFUL Windows 7 Activator, and made the spread SO easy… because it actually unlocked Windows7 while infecting with the miner, so they shared it to friends and leave positive feedback on the post}

*YOU can say whatever you need and I will try to adapt this to your needs!

I’m doing it with LOW price because i want positive feedback to this product in particular {because it’s made by myself}. Then I’ll set a HIGHER Price.

If you have any doubts, please ASK… don’t keep the doubts!



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