Social Engineering XBox Live Accounts

gAtO FoUnD – These in the deepWeb and though people can see Social Engineering (SE) basics. They are right in a way if you keep calling support you will eventually get someone that does not give a shit and give you the information you need. These same SE tactic’s will work on just about most Internet based games and other accounts online: – gAtO oUt —–

It is illegal to do thing like this to gain access to other people accounts, do not try this at home kiddies…

Plan # 1 — How to DOX & Reset Xbox Live accounts: 

1. Start off by calling 1877-438-9863 (Zune). Press 0 and wait to be transferred to an operator. Once you’re transferred to an operator tell them this: “I’m trying to sign into the Zune software but I forgot the email address I used to sign in.” They will ask for your name (Provide any name you want) and phone number. When they ask for the phone number to pull up your account, say you don’t remember it. Ask them if they will pull up your account using your ZuneTag. Give them the GamerTag you want the info on.

2. Once it’s confirmed that the account is pulled up, they will ask you for the secret answer/ billing info. Tell them this: “My Dad made my account and I don’t know what information he put on it. Can I please call back when he gets home? Could you also provide me a case number?” Once the agent says they’re generating you a case number tell them this: “Can you please attach my account to the case number so when I call back they can pull it up right away?” If they say Yes, you call has been a success. If they say no, hang up and call again.

3. Once you’ve obtained the case number call 1866-727-2338 (PC Safety) and press “1” (10) times until you’ve reached an operator. Once the operator picks up, they will ask for your name and case number. Say this: “I have a case number.” So you don’t answer the question where they ask for your name. Once it’s confirmed that the case number is pulled up say, “I’m calling regarding an Anti-Virus software link I was supposed to receive in my email, but I never got the email. The last agent I spoke to said he would email it to me. Can you please repeat the email back to me so I can make sure it wasn’t mispelled by the last agent?” They will read off the email. Then say: “I want to make sure this is the right case, can you verify the name?” They will read off the name. Slowly ask for all the other information. This may take a few calls! Once you have the Full Name and Zip Code, you can Google the Zip Code and find the state. Then go to and search with the info you got. Call PC Safety back and verify it. If it’s not right, keep trying until you get an agent who spills the address.

Your call has been a success and you know have all the info to an Xbox Live account except the password. To retrieve the password, go to Google and search “Windows Live Validation Page” and click the first link then follow the steps. PLEASE VIEW BELOW! THIS IS VERY HELPFUL WHEN CALLING IN!










Plan #2 —- How to dox an Xbox 360 account. –

Disclaimer: I  have no involvement in what you do with this. I am not saying doxing accounts is a good thing, I am only trying to make some money. During this eBook you will be discovering how to gain someone’s personal information via Xbox Customer Support. (UK/US/CA/AUS). This eBook does contain one rule you do not dox any accounts from this list ( This is a warning; bad things will happen if you do.

I will not help you reset the tag.


So let’s get started!


Microsoft PC Support: +18667272338

Xbox LIVE Support (United Kingdom):  +4408005871102

Xbox LIVE Support (United States):  +18004699269

This tutorial is going to be colour coded.


What you are actually going to be doing.

During this eBook you are going to be learning a very valuable skill. You are going to be learning how to dox an Xbox LIVE account via Xbox Customer Support. Throughout this tutorial you are going to be learning what to do and what not to do. It’s always best to learn about some of the stuff in this tutorial before you actually go and perform it.  You are going to need a reference number from Xbox Customer Support (this will be explained further into the eBook).  This is probably the most important part of this entire eBook as it is the key to getting a successful dox.

Step 1: Getting a working reference number.

From reading above, you will probably have learnt the importance of a reference number.  This is probably the hardest thing to do without the entire eBook. You need to be careful as the representatives are sneaky and will just give you a non-working reference number. Therefore you need to get a fully working one. You may ask yourself how? This is how:

Conversation: (between you and the support representative, he/she’s colour will be in green your colour is red).

1/ Call Xbox Customer support (the correct number for your region) and hit the number two on the keypad five times. This is going to put you straight through to a support representative.

“Hello, thank you for calling Xbox Customer Support my name is Monster how may I help you?”

“Hello Monster, my name is (yourname) and I’ve been having some issues with a reference number that I received earlier from one of your colleagues.”

“Oh sorry (yourname) is it possible to get that reference number quickly? “

“Sorry no, I threw it away since it didn’t work.. I’m sorry I never knew I had to keep it.”

“That’s okay (yourname) what is the gamertag on the account?”

(Here you say what gamertag you are trying to dox..)

“The gamertag is (gamertag you are trying to dox)”

“Okay, just give me a second to pull that up.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Okay, I’ve got the account. Can we go through a few verification steps if you don’t mind?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Okay then sir, what is the first name and email address on the account”

“Yes the email address is: and the name is ‘random’.

“Oh, I’m ever so sorry. I need to dash off back to a personal family meeting. Is there any way I can grab a new reference number, one that actually works?”

“Oh. Okay then sir, just give me a moment. (Here is where they are attaching a reference number to the account). Okay this is your reference number:  (It should start with the numbers ‘115’ and is 10 – 15 digits long).

“(Repeat the reference number so they can confirm it) Thanks! I will definitely

Call back later, thanks for being such a great help (Dox)!”

“No problem sir, thanks for calling Xbox Customer Support and have a great day.”

Step 2: Using the reference number you just got from Xbox Customer Support.

Okay, so if you got this far, congratulations! You are one step closer to doxing an Xbox LIVE account. What you want to do is call Microsoft PC Support (number at the first page of the Book) and once you hear the robot on the phone; press the number one five times. This will put you straight through to a representative, you may be on hold for a while as they do get a lot of calls an hour. In the usual style of this eBook I will do a conversation log like normal. Just some tips for you here:

Give them the reference number and no name, so when they say (again green representative colour) “Hello, thank you for contacting Microsoft PC safety what is your case number and name please?” You just want to say the case number (reference number).

And you want to say “Hello, I was told to come here so I can make sure the information on my account is correct. As my brother made the account and he is recently deceased”.  This will make them feel sympathetic towards you and they will try to make you happy.

Same colours as before, you are red and the support rep is green.

“Hello and welcome to Microsoft PC safety, what is your name and case number?”

“Hello and my case number is: (say your reference number)”

“Okay sir, what seems to be the problem?”

“I just need to verify the information on my account, as it used to be my brothers account but he is now deceased.”

“Okay sir, I’m sorry to hear that. What information would you like to verify?”

“I just need to make sure the name on the account has changed properly, as I called earlier to get it changed but I lost the connection with the representative.”

“Okay sir, just one moment.”

“Okay the name on the account is..”


Okay, the conversation above is recorded with a representative that doesn’t know the Microsoft policy. If you get one that does just put the phone down and keep calling. You will get it.

The representative that normally gives out information is called: Shackeel. By having the name of the account owner, you can put the phone down and call back. This way when you re-call you won’t have to do any verification steps, they will just hand the account information over.

There will be many updates on this eBook as time goes by. To receive an update you must PM me on HackForums with the transaction ID.

By leaking this eBook, you do not get free updates. This way I can stop people from leaking my hard work. I do not condone in this in any way, shape, or form. I am just trying to make some money.  The next update will be in around a week so make sure you PM me! (Make sure the PM title is the transaction ID).





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