Deep Web Timeline and History

Deep Web Timeline and History

gAtO fOuNd – MyHiddenBlog in onionLand – (http://utup22qsb6ebeejs.onion/ .onion site) -it is a great place for technical and security people to learn about the DeepWeb’s mechanics and inner workings. We must understand that what we see in the deep web is limited only by you knowing were to look. In the clearWeb google and Yahoo organize the web so whatever your looking for you can do a simple search and find it. Google, Yahoo and others crawl the web looking for new sites. Other web-bots roam the internet and finds news stories.

Web Service uscyberlabs

clearWeb Services - not hidden

How did you first find FaceBook or Twitter, someone told you about it a friend, fellow worker, also Google and Yahoo found it for you and feed you news about it.









How governments have tried to block Tor [28C3]-Video if you watch this video please don’t let the speaker with a jester hat throw you of. Geek’s are Geek’s everywhere. That’s why” the big bang theory” is such a comedy sitcom meme.  

So unless your friend or fellow worker tells you about a DeepWeb-Facebook, Twitter type site in the deepWeb you will never know. Google and Yahoo do not index it, these sites can exist and only a selected few will know, the site needs to advertise, submit it’s info to the HiddenWiki and Touch type Search engines so other find them if they chose, why it’s the way of the deepWeb. By keeping it hidden they decide who know’s about it. The clearWeb is all about business it’s built on the business model of information, information, information. The deepWeb is about anonymity, not business.

So only criminals use it, NO. Example: Let’s say your conducting a covert para-military operations. You could keep a website in the deepWeb and update it and give battle plans but only your people would know were it is. Nobody can find it except your people. It’s available 24/7 by any computer connected to the Internet and when you go in, nobody can find were you go, you can transmit data back and forth and your anonymity is secure. Do you think that the FBI, CIA and other don’t use this technology. It’s a military’s communication system dream. So good guy’s use the deep web too. It’s not only for criminal.

Anyway I found this timeline in the OnionLand Museum– gATO oUt

all links below are in the .onion network


Welcome to Onionland’s Museum. Here you will find links to articles about the Onionland and it’s torizens

• Operation DarkNet – Pedophilia forums were hacked by Hacker’s BR Group, had their contents deleted passwords and broadcast around the world.
• RedditTor opens for the new year
• In November-December, a rather nice amount of new non-CP imageboards are created. Tor becomes more active as a few clearnet communities hear about it.
• In August Dutch police target Hard Candy sites 4
• On October 18th, Operation DarkNet begins. Hidden Wiki is DoSed and Freedom Hosting targeted.
• Sometime in late 2011, Torbook opens its doors. This is an introduction to an anonymous social network on Tor; one of the first successful attempts of its kind. NOTE Torbook moves to FreedomHosting
• On October 22nd, Onionforum goes offline.
• In January, Jamon launches talk.masked.
• In July Matt’s services go down, probably for the last time.
• In January, ion creates a mirror of The Hidden Wiki, at that time hosted by Matt. (http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/)
• In October, Matt creates The Hidden Wiki (was this http://mihfrbaf562yakt2.onion/wiki/ ?)
• In August, Mixie’s services launched.
• In July, Jamon relaunches
• In July, Matt launches rock.onion talks.
• In November, prof7bit releases the first version of TorChat. 1
• In July, Jamon launches core.onion talks.
• In June, new hidden wiki http://hy2644uxnz6zwt6c.onion/hidden/ starts up; in August it’s down.
• In June 2007, long-running hidden wiki http://6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion/ goes down.
• The anarchist news site Notes from the Underground goes offline.
• In June, Legith creates Onionforum.
• In June, Legoiv writes the first spider for hidden sites. 2
• In May, Tor reaches 100 nodes. 3


Tor Hidden Services by administrator/myhiddenblog  – Twitter Underground, Image Message Board – Pintrest – Directory of some hidden services bookmark directory wiki – Secure FTP – Search Engines….

Credits – one of the founder of the onion– Administrator –

Index of all his sites. –http://jm6miyk4tog63kqs.onion/
TorStatusNet – Twitter Underground

TorStatusNet – lotjbov3gzzf23hc.onion is a microblogging service. Users post short (1024 character) notices which are broadcast to their friends and fans using the Web, RSS, or instant messages.

Hidden Image Site Message Board
I2P link 
My Hidden Blog – Directory of OnionLand
Freenet mirror USK key
I2P link

OnionBookmark – Submit Onion Site

Secure FTP

The Abyss – Search Engine 

Contact information:
You can contact me through tormail

use this hidden service to create tormail account.




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