We live in a cyber surveillance Planet

We live in a cyber surveillance Planet- On this memorial day I think of my brothers in Vietnam who never made it back, Chet and Monty never came back. Well Monty came back but half of his brain was gone and so was my friend who taught me to play guitar. Chet taught me how to get a girl to kiss me, while learning the pentatonic scales on my first guitar in L.I.C high School– They are the reason why I’m writing this today in their honor, in their name.

Chet, Monty welcome home—

– gAtO tHiNkInG– your OS is spying on you and so is your: application, your browser plugins, Cookies, Extensions, Shockwave/Flash, Java, QuickTime, PDF and DOC, XLS, PPT any time you open a document you leak information, you leave a digital bread crumb that they can collect it, and sell it on the open market and you have no say so. Meanwhile they scare you be telling you only the criminals use the ToR network, why because they cannot collect information about you, you are invisible to them and they don’t like it when you play there game by your rules not theirs.

silent information is being collected about us

silent information is being collected about us -in the cyber surveillance World

— cameras are everywhere you have nothing to worry about from these device -because your cell phone is your worse enemy, it carries more personal information about you than you think and they -business, politicians and law enforcement knows it. Just take a picture with your iPhone, the geo-location information and other data will be part of the metadata that is in the picture, that’s the way they caught the hacker w0rmer -Teamp0is0n growp-  he took a picture of his girlfriends boobies…She lived in Australia and they traced it back to Texas and got him…


Higinio O. Ochoa III: FBI led to Anonymous hacker after his girlfriend


Apr 13, 2012 – The picture shows a woman from the neck down with a sign attached to her stomach, reading: ‘PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w 

In order to control us (the sheep and dogs) the political’s in their essence of powers that we give them, seek to extend the ability of law enforcement agencies to have access to all Internet traffic data, a power that they largely already have when it come to conventional telecommunications, or email services. But they want more and more. Everything that you have typed as a message: the identity and time of your facebook chats, your facebook likes, your twitter feeds and mentions too, the log of the visits to all web-pages, the clicks on on-line polls, the location data your phone sends to access on-line location services, the times and places you were in the same chat room with your friends, your on-line friends, etc.

Basically it’s like having a cyber policeman following you around 24h a day / 7 days a week, and making notes about where you have been, what you have looked at, who you are talking to, what you are doing, where you are sleeping (and with whom), everything you bought, every political and trade union meeting you went to, … – Traffic data provide an X-ray of your whole life, and the policy suggests they should be available to law enforcement and the intelligence services without any judicial oversight (only political review or police oversight). That is why the ToR network comes at a time like this when all this is happening.

Who Uses the ToR network:

Here is a recent example of cyber covert war:

These are some of the covert-cyber-Ops that our government is doing. They use ToR network so the enemy does not see a .gov or .mil address, in the matrix you could be from Germany to China your information is confidential and you can proceed with your hacking at the enemies website and they will never know it’s you.

pOwEr tO tHe pEoPlE

May 24, 2012 Clinton Reveals Cyber-Warfare Tatics Against Al-Qaida:

Mrs Clinton said the hacking was conducted by the Centre for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, based at the State Department, with expertise drawn from the military and the intelligence community. The State Department’s activities are part of online efforts to stem the spread of radical Islamist ideology that stretch back at least a decade.

The US Central Command had a team that monitors blogs and forums, targeting those that are moderate in tone and engaging with users, said Major David Nevers, former chief of the team. ”We try to concentrate our energy and efforts … [on] those who haven’t been radicalised. The idea is to go where the conversation is taking place, using … extremist commentary or propaganda as a jumping-off point to people who are listening in.”

Evan Kohlmann, a terrorism consultant who tracks jihadist websites, said the tactic could harm al-Qaeda’s image among potential recruits but questioned its effectiveness on the ground.

”If you’re already living in Yemen and in a tribal area, you probably don’t need to go to a website to join al-Qaeda,” he said.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/it-pro/security-it/us-hackers-take-cyber-war-to-alqaeda-sites-20120524-1z7rs.html#ixzz1w7P5y7S6

This was a lame hack in my humble gAtO opinion

We don’t need a total surveillance state- we already have one and they are monitoring us, and we are under cyber surveillance at all times. So escape use the ToR network and be a little more secure. When the Bilderberg group or the Skull and Cross or other groups of political/monetary influence meet their number one fear is that the mass now have a way for total anonymity. They (dogs) want to know what the sheep are doing, the need to herd the sheep is ingrained in their dna- to rule us- to protect us-.

This “ruling class” think’s that they can scare into not using the ToR network, telling us it’s only the criminals that use the ToR Network. The cyber surveillance world we live in is fracturing, and they want total information control about US, but not on them——— join us in the .onion network and be free from surveillance— gAtO oUt. 



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