Admin Password List -Router- Bios – Cameras – Oracle

Cyber List of Admin default Password List

gATO wAnTeD – to know the default password to my router. I found the symfony project  a place were people keep all the defaults passwords. It’s listed as Default passwords list – Select manufacturer

I also found default admin password list for :

Cyber Hippy

gAtOmAlO - Richard A. - Cyber Hippy

Router – Firewals and switches, plus bios chips on your computer, how about IP cameras the new surveillance devices have default password and I bet in the government installs they are left on default passwords, and last but not least is Oracle default  admin password. This should let you sleep at nights if your the security officer of a major company.

Why because we are lazy in security and we use weak passwords and default passwords are even better, because the criminal would never get this information. Maybe not – gATO oUt  

Default Password for all Router/switches –

Router -Firewall – switch

another list –

IP cameras Default Passwords –

Oracle Default Password List –



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