Difference between Tor -network -.onion network -deepWeb -darkWeb -invisibleWeb

Difference between Tor -network -.onion network -deepWeb -darkWeb -invisibleWeb

gAtO wAs aSkeD – what is the difference between the /ToR network- /.onion network- /Deep Web /Dark Web /Invisible Web – simple question not so fast. First we have the surfaceWeb the Internet were Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter take your information and sell it to the highest bidder to marketing people so they can sell you things you don’t want or need but they make you buy the junk anyway. Yes the surface web is were we live and do our banking – (that’s monitored too) research our medical problems well for gAtO it’s Twitter- as i tweet my dispatches from security crazy, twitter looks at my pattern and sells my information because when I go to Huffington Post to read stupid shit twitter follows me and monitors every article I read. /cRaZy -sI -nO/.

Difference between Tor -network -.onion network -deepWeb -darkWeb -invisibleWeb

The ToR network: It’s software that you get and install on your computer that allows freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships without anyone knowing what your doing-

Install and you login too the .onion network but you can also use it to surf the surfaceWeb too. When your in the surfaceWeb you have -.com  -.edu -.org in the .onion network you have sites that end with .onion the site names are kind of hard to read: http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/19cc6d6e this is the USCyberLabs web site in the Tor-.onion network it is part of the deepWeb and the darkWeb too.

How so — it’s on a need to know basis -and your not in the 1% club- you don’t need to know my friend -mEoW that hurts—

The Deep Web (also called the Deepnet, the Invisible Web, the Undernet or the hidden Web) refers to World Wide Web content that is not part of the Surface Web, which is indexable by standard search engines. The deepWeb is the part of the web that Google, Yahoo and other cannot index so nobody knows were they are – except a few people. NASA has over 200 teraBytes un-indexed databases and all kinds of reports that are part of the deep web. Any un-index websites or web-services are part of the deep web, not the dark web that is only accessible by using the ToR-software.

USCyberLabs is in the .onion now it is part of the deepWeb/ but also part of the un-index deepWeb/  because it is not indexed nobody knows about it – it is hidden- unless I tell you about it. The USCyberLabs in the .onion is also part of the darkWeb because part of the dark web has a .onion after the website name. But it’s not part of the blackMarket in the .onion network.

SO now we have a ToR-network that can access the darkWeb and be invisible, untraceable so this is why crooks, and criminals use this network. Don’t get me wrong the good guy’s use the ToR network too. Why do you think that the PhycOps is the deepWeb is for criminals the governments and business that want secure private communication are doing business on ToR while we stay away outside.

The fact of the matter is the more people use ToR-network to be safer the better it is for everyone, just go surf your normal sites, Facebook, Twitter it’s ok your just safer. When there is normal ToR-traffic it becomes harder to see the dissidents that need ToR- network to save lives. Look at who donates to the ToR- project come on the -National Christian Foundation (2010-2012) https://www.torproject.org/about/sponsors.html.en  this is not a criminal network – gAtO oUt



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