Iran Cyber Problems -bad antivirus software

Iran Cyber Problems

gAtO mOnItOrEd – Iran Tor-Relays last night they had blocked all public relays so nobody could use the ToR network. Of course as long as you have private unlisted ToR relay people from Iran could still use the ToR network on the Internet. On the other side of Iran’s Cyber Warfare the Flame cyber worm – is still kicking ass and taking names in Iran. U.S and Israel have accepted the role of chief cyber warrior of the Stuxnet, DuQu and Flame. Some of the first cyber weapons ever made and deployed on a covert mission’s. Do you think that this cyber weapons did not use ToR networks to hide their C&C server never to be found??? So here we have a country suppressing ToR communication  (and suppressing Flame, DuQu and StuxNet C&C ToR Communication) and being attacked by 2 of the largest countries in the world. gAtO would call this cyber warfare. 

cyber war profiteers –> Who stands to make the most business ($$$) in this cyber warfare. We in the west have Norton, McAfee and other’s to protect our computers and business and government computer enterprise systems – but they cannot do business with Iran- We just had Symantec pull out of a deal with China’s Huawei because of a U.S-DOD contracts-/ a friend pointed to as the number one anti-virus software distributor to Iran./ When the Iranian government want’s to protect their computers they turn to Eset corporation for their enterprise cyber security support and service. So who are they?

Alexa the number one SEO company – – shows Iran is their number one customer—. Why? Eset is based out of the Slovak Republic , Bratislava the capital of Slovakia. It’s not silicone valley – I never heard of a high tech center and educated cyber security experts from that side of the world—  We know this area more for cyber criminals but now this little company out in the middle of know-where has some interesting customer. Those countries that nobody wants are becoming their cyber customers, and it looks like Eset is a growing business.

Eset – Contact info: – – They have offices in Czech Republic, Singapore, Argentina and the U.S.A – —/$#@! – So the company that is providing the anti-virus software for Iran has offices in America, with American business as customers- gAtO don’t like that much that is why I mentioned it.

Anti-virus software controls every aspect of the safety and security of your computer, your anti-virus software has deep ties to your computers. So this little anti-virus company is now a world player. It could also be our allied and work with us.

From a business point of view – First of all I would fire them. If I was the Iranian government, Stuxnet, DuQu and Flame the same MO and my anti-virus software does not catch it -new business but, oh well if Iran fires them who else would step into this position. This show to gAtO that the old weapon dealers have turn to legit, cyber counter weapons dealers/

customers metric’s: Imagine the statistics from Eset on Iranian government sites? 

As a security researcher I just don’t like that Eset is in the U.S.A if they get American customers they can maybe sell their stats to Iran. Security companies like anti-virus have a lot of power. Just a simple update and the new spy-ware can get in and turn on your camera or just record your speech in your house or office. I would stay away from Eset anti-virus software solution – just for me gAtO oUt…


Iran Top Sites :;0/IR


Alexa-Eset –

Eset about page – .

WhoIs –


ESET, spol. s r.o.

Peter Pasko

Einsteinova 24 Aupark Tower, 16th Floor

Bratislava,   85101


Phone: +421.232244111



Registrar Name….:

Registrar Whois…:

Registrar Homepage:


Domain Name:

Created on…………..: 2001-04-18

Expires on…………..: 2013-04-18


Administrative Contact:

ESET, spol. s r.o.

Anton Zajac

610 W Ash St, Ste 1900 Suite 1900

San Diego, CA 92101


Phone: +1.6198765404



Technical  Contact:

ESET, spol. s r.o.

Anton Zajac

610 W Ash St Suite 1900

San Diego, CA 92101


Phone: +1.6198765404



DNS Servers:


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