The future of the Deep Dark Web

gAtO tHiNk’S  –In todays world we want a little freedoms a little privacy online and more people will use encrypted methods to browse the web.-  Julian Assange said it best-I paraphrase-, in society we as a online-person have an expectation to certain rights of privacy and just want 3 basic things:

1.) Freedom of Communication

2.) Freedom of Movement

3.) Freedom of Economics

In todays world our technology-culture encourages people to give away every detail of our life away. On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn we tell people all kind of personal information. \ everything you tell these website now belongs to them legally and they will do whatever they want with this data. They also want your shopping habits your reading habits and now they want to integrate it with other sites to extract more information. You don’t think so, how many cookies do you have on your computer??? -( I bet you don’t have a clue) what were you doing at 5:30pm last tuesday??? – Google knows, Facebook knows, Twitter knows —> they all know. They all know your friends and your enemies.

Today’s we are tied to cyberspace with almost ever aspect of our lives – Social – Economy – Culture – Political – Ethics – Money – Want’s – Desires – Greed – So me gAtO I want a secure -Freedom of Communication -Tor anonymized type networks for some of my personal questions.

 As more people use encrypted methods to browse the Web, it will become trickier for law enforcement agencies to intercept private communications in real-time, causing them to focus instead on tapping data that is stored in the cloud, according to the draft of an academic paper by a former privacy advisor to the Clinton Administration.

So this means that the legal beagles want to scare you more and more. I was just reading a post were someone said I don’t like to cruise the dark web because I’m afraid of Identity Theft…// In Tor-.onion network your secure with your identity, but if you log in to Facebook and start to give away your information well you just defeated what a Tor-style network does for you your anonymity is now gone.

Some segment of cyber-world will never need secure communication but we must ask what are our human values online? Are we ready to let everyone know the truth about oneself. The technology for anonymized network is here to stay and it’s not good or bad, but it’s powerful and a bit complicated. The watchers of the Watch need to keep our eye’s open for this one gATo oUt  



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