botNet infrastructure in Tor

gATO-  was drawing a –What If– a bot-net talking first to level 1 clearWeb c&c server and they only talk to level 2 in Tor /i2p anonymized network. I included the infection c&c and the bot-distributor separated back to Tor/i2p network. This is all gleamed from information in HackBB in the onion network  –/ Oh yeah I been playing with

steganography encryption/decryption

So the password to the picture is password I used ISteg to embed the message this is a proof of concept that steganography is easy and a cool toy. Oh my public key is on the site you may need it cause I encrypted the encrypted steganography picture that has a code well you get my drift …. yeah ,, yeah

– gAtO oUt

message in picture – steganography  


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