Wikipedia Vector Attack

Wikipedia Vector Attack -Steve Colbert Cyber Hacker

gAtO lAuGh – when Steve Colbert showed us how to social hack –Wikipedia edits– and went after the VP pick for Romney. Anyone can edit Wikipedia so Steve’s  attack vector was to modify Tim, Paul and Christy any VP contender for the Mitt Romney. WikiPedia froze the edit feature of many political hopeful to stop this but this is a very good attack vector for hacktivist.

Jan 18 2012 We all freaked out when we protested SOPA blackout this year, we had no WikiPedia and people freaked, it one of those web applications that has become part of the fabric of cyberspace just as Google has become on search. This is a fine example of what web services does for a network these two services (Google and Wikipedia)  provide one service —INFORMATION— and today we cannot function without it. How many times have you had an argument with a friend and all of a sudden we go to Wikipedia of Google to settle the argument and the important part comes out – I am right!!! and your wrong —

Facebook is not one of these essential cyberspace service it’s actually a vacuum cleaner of cyber data about everyone that uses the service. Twitter is another tool that is a little different were Facebook is about ME, Twitter is about the rest of the world. This is what I mean all these web services that really integrate into the fabric of the web can be used as an attack vector in the right social context.

Steve Colbert showed that he could spark an attack, a hack so —I gAtO name Steve Colbert a cyber-Ninja -gATO OuT

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