Black Market in Tor Growing

gAtO been down sIcK so I had to slow down so I’ve been reading underground looking around and the .onion network is beginning to take shape as more users explore it. Let’s just say it’s growing. In the Black Market things are looking up per say, more newbies and more scams with money mules, shipping mules, bot’s rentals and creation and trade. Here are two different crime recruitment points one the physical/ one code / and they are taking advantage of the economics of the situation.

People are losing their homes and eviction is coming “well I can do this for these guys online and I can make a little money and pay a few bills buy some food”. Grooming these new cyber shipping mules is a full time job, but they select and groom some for more and more /—then hit’s them with money mules transactions and they’re hooked. Greed / Pay the rent/ Now these guy know that as the money mule get’s more and more orders right the amount will go up and when they will bail with the criminals money is anyones guess, but by this time they have funneled so much money or goods thru these mules that they are throw away at the end of the life cycle of use. You also have the new code warriors watching and trading in botware working in Tor. Why because it works -/ and other have seen the .onion network as a new area were if they keep quite nobody can find them. If you keep quite nobody will know what your doing and that’s why Tor is working for the bad guys – Why can’t it work for the good guy’s when are we going to start using the best technology for the best job and leave all this other politics alone.

Cyber crime is working in the .onion but when will the law catch up, never I guess 2 many lost opportunities when they treat everyone like shit, just like the ugNazi CC bust- do they have a clue how many other CC sites are out there working in Tor and/or the surface web… . Silk road is all the rage while Black Market Reload sells explosives and drugs but come on the school boys in Cornell and other places are putting their finger into Tor to defeat Tor-attack the Tor Network Yeah – Yeah- “What If- What If -does not work in Tor students”, as they go for Silk Road the hundred of other places were real commercial cyber crooks get away with everything they can is working hard for the money boy’s and girls…. One service takes stolen credit cards to buy goods and directly ship products to the Ebay customer who purchase it and they pay them clean money while their new iPad was purchased with a stolen CC. It’s just these newbies in Tor think they are hip and cool in the surface but in the Tor network the good old boy’s that were there in the beginning are watching with a grim silly smile, knowing but not telling… gATO oUT 


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