Happy Satoshi Nakamoto -Bitcoin- Day Nov 1

gAtO wAs- thinking about one of my heroes SATOSHI NAKAMOTO only 4 years ago November 1, 2008 he posted the research paper describing a new digital currency called BITCOIN. He cracked the problem that had stumped cryptographers for decades a DIGITAL CURRENCY convenient and untraceable with no over site from any government or bank.


gAtO’s –> gAtOmAlO sAy – I am Satoshi Nakamoto

Ecash was the first as early as 1990’s but they failed because they relied on governments, banks and credit card companies. Banks and governments own us, the bank owns your house that your paying off, You pay tax’s on your property while the bank owns it. We all pay interest and the bankers live only for interest.

As anyone can see it’s in the best interest of all banks and governments that all world wide digital currency fail, unless they control it. It’s NOT only numbers, math and cryptology that makes these bankers shake in fear. But losing control of peoples moneys. Who Wins?  It’s the people immune to printing press happy -Federal Reserve bankers having all the control. The bankers cannot control this new digital currency control by people that have Nose rings -/ so they vilify these people -/cyberpunks that spread the word of their guilt. They make Bitcoins evil- Wikileaks is evil -the scum in the black market like Silk Road-  and Black MArket Reload use it so it’s evil –with your logic all Bitcoin is evil,

So congressman, senator when you paid that hooker on our tax dollar, when you pay the young man to have sex with you from Ohio – the swing state –/ the US  money you use is as EVIL as Bitcoin because it was used in a evil crime…. Evil is evil, money is money. simple to gATO sorry I rage—-

Political pressure has been payed by the banker to People like Senator Schumer which I used to like SCREAMED at the DEA to SHUT DOWN Silk Road which he called “the most brazen attempt to peddle drugs online that we have ever seen” – Yeah Silk Road is still ONLINE last I check. I guess the DEA can’t mess with cryptology and math. It’s science guy’s it basic and simple and elegant and it works. Tor onion network uses math and cryptology and it works so why can’t a digital currency like Bitcoin work.

BITCOIN CANNOT WORK – it’s beta software boy and girl – SATOSHI told us before he disappeared (2010) as he appeared ” in mystery” . SATOSHI is a cult hero “invisivle and  anonymous”– he warned us when he saw Wikileaks use Bitcoins as a donation tool -(this was the introduction of BITCOINS to the whole wide world -/- that it was still to early –/Bitcoin was only 2 years old at the time/  – SATOSHI  final words were “Bitcoin is pocket change (21 Million max Bitcoins) the heat you bring (from the exposure to the gov’s and banks and the world) would likely destroy us at this stage”.

SATOSHI was trying to warn us that the Software Bitcoin is only the beginning of digital currency. As gAtO see’s it in his loco-world mind view —/ If the people control their own money, next people will want to govern themselves and THEY have seen the effects of the Arab Spring and other cases were “the people” took back their country back from currupt politicians. Follow the -DIGITAL currency – gAtO oUt 


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